Hello, fellow Nanvaent players.

  I'm Mannawyddan.  (Please note that this is the name of a Celtic Sea-God.  I do research on such things.)

  Although, I must add, I'm not really Mannawyddan.  I'm actually a person called Thomas "Konnrad" Taylor.
  No!  Don't let this surprise you... I'm a real person.  Although in my spare time I appear to be a half-goat bard, I'm actually a spotty, oikish teenage layabout.  Gnuk, eh? (see "Manna speak" below).

  If you wish to initiate conversation with me (a risky move, compadre) you'd be well advised to keep a sense of wit, irony, and sarcasm about you!  Not that I have any of those, but it'll all be useful to confuse little ol' me with.

  And I'm a very honest, open person.  I can tell you anything about me, and I can talk about any subject.  For my personal likes and dislikes...  CLICK HERE!!!


  Well, that's enough about me.

  Here's a small picture.  Of me.  Making the last sentence entirely redundant!!!
(Gnuk, eh?)


Me on holiday in Wales, when I was about 5 (in 1987).
I enjoyed the ice-cream, the banal pursuits, the rain, and the
smiting of unbelievers
most of all.

(Please note - That was a jest.)


Natch  -  naturally.  (Natch).
Obv  -  obviously.  (Obv).
Oh, shut up  -  Exactly what is says on the tin, natch.
Maybe I should be revising  -  Oh Arse, I'll never get enough grades to start the journalism course... ARSE!
Gnuk  -  Just asserts my individuality.
(*something*) eh?  -  eh? is sort of a questioning statement, used ironically.  Hurrah, eh?
Hurrah!  -  Well... it's obvious.  Hurrah!
Latin - I may spout it if I bother to remember any - ***CLICK HERE!!!***
INEFFABLE!!!  -  Truly unbelievably great, like Nan.  (Mayhaps I jest, it IS only a MUD.)
Bugger  -  I don't know how to explain this... bugger.  (See?  And that was irony in action AGAIN!)
This isn't at all funny, Tom  -  Bugger, eh?

So, there you are.  Gnuk, eh?  Actually, maybe I should be revising...

And a small word from our sponsor, who remains unnamed...



  What quotes could I share with you?

  "I never was a cornflake girl, thought it was a big solution." (Tori Amos)
  "Remember yourself, always and everywhere." (P. D. Ouspensky)
    "No, in the end I shall say nothing.  Silence is my answer, becuase it precedes and defeats everything ever said." - a quote of me (I think.  It's too easy to pick up famous quotes, and then think you made 'em up.).

  Mannawyddan - remember me when you forget everything else that you ever need to know.