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Nanvaent LPmud © The Custodians of Nanvaent 1992-2021

Terms pertaining to this Copyright Notice:
  • The "Custodians" are those persons identified at the end of this document.
  • The "Author" is the person primarily responsible for the creation of a source file.
  • A "Domain Directory" is one that resides under /d in the file heirarchy.
  • A "Personal Directory" is one that resides under /w/** where ** is a login name.
Conditions pertaining to this Copyright Notice:

All Nanvaent specific driver code and all mudlib is the property of the Custodians and the copyright thereof is duly asserted, except where the moral right of the Author has been asserted, where upon the Copyright shall be vested with the Author.

All domain code shall be the property of the Author and Copyright is thus duly yielded to the Author, albeit that unconditional use of said code is granted to the Custodians.

Unauthorised use or distribution of the code herein, is strictly prohibited without prior consent from the Custodians.

It is hereby acknowledged that parts of the mudlib are derived from the Discworld mudlib and no claim of Copyright by the Custodians of Nanvaent is asserted on these parts.

Removal of this notice constitutes an infringement of Copyright.

The Custodians are, and maybe contacted at:

Olav Kolbu,
Tåsenveien 55
0870 Oslo
Simon Matthews
olav@kolbu.com spm@flirble.org
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