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Useful info

See if you can find the newbie guide in Nanvaent Village - he may be able to help you.
* Welcome to Nanvaent

newbie /n[y]oo'bee/ n.
BEGINNER, NOVICE; especially : a newcomer to cyberspace

You're probably looking for some information to get you started playing Nanvaent. Well, here's what we've come up with:

What is Nanvaent?
If you're new to MUDs, this explains what they are and a few of the concepts that are personal to Nanvaent.

The Nanvaent Guidebook
This is a copy of the book that you'll recieve when you appear in the Nanvaent immigration office. It contains some general information to help you understand the geography of Nanvaent better.

The frequently asked questions page
This should answer quite a few of your initial questions about the game, and is well worth glancing at.

Use the right channels
The most useful channel you'll have access to at first is the Newbie channel. All the players and immortals logged in can hear what you say, so it's a good place to ask questions. You might type in

   newbie Hi! I'm new around here.

for example. You can find more information about channels on this page.

Use the MUD help
You'll find that the help on Nanvaent can be extremely useful. To get a list of all the help pages, type

   help me

Once you've decided what you want help on, you can type

   help <my subject>

to see the page for it. The help files are also on this website and are searchable.

Read the newbie help page
This is a general guide to being a newbie.

Help with MUD clients
You may hear these mentioned on Nanvaent from time to time - if you're curious or want to get one, have a look at our MUD clients help page. They can make MUDding a lot easier.
You may think that all this reading is a bit boring, but even if you pick up a few concepts from these pages, you'll find that you succeed on Nanvaent a lot more quickly. Bon voyage!

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