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* The City of Shamaroth The City of Shamaroth

Location: Eastern Nanvaent

Known Information:
Shamaroth is an old city. It started once as a trial project of two creators. Eventually a whole team emerged from the shadows and started to rebuild the whole city with the original areas. The city has been designed for all levels, although the majority of the monsters are fairly easy. Your first walk through Shamaroth will be a short one because Shamaroth is a city that should be explored. Therefore read every description carefully or you may not discover half of the city.

A history of Shamaroth

The Great War
The Great War occured about a hundred years back, so not too long ago. It was, for all intents and purposes, a straight-forward raid of conquest by a northern orc Warlord know as Garrthark the Impaler (and yes he got the nick-name the same way as Vlad, Garrthark loved the instant 'elf on a stick' trick). Anyhow, Garrthark swept down from the northern mountains killing all in his path, leading an army of orcs and trolls (and a rather suspicious bodyguard of really big trolls in black armour, who never spoke, and had glowing red eyes). Be that as it may (it's important later) Garrthark went through Sham like Genghis Khan through northern China. The survivors fled to the mystic Isle of Silverwood (which see) to lick their wounds and ready for a return battle.

So a few years back, let's say 5, Griecha and a combined elf and Shamarothian army comes sweeping across the ocean in ships and assaults the city that belonged to their fathers and grandfathers. Low and behold, guess who's still in power? Garrthark, looking as unlovely as ever. Even more of his army wears that suspicious black armour now. A fierce battle rages, but Garrthark was caught off guard and his troops (many of whom are discovered to be undead) are finally routed by the forces of good. However, like any good villain, nobody can seem to find Garrthark's corpse at the end of the battle.

People being shortsighted fools, they deify General Greicha, who becomes Lord Greicha the First, and rebuild the city. But this time it's different. There are rats, darkened alleys peopled by thugs, and even a hideous temple that no-one dares enter. Something is not right in Shamaroth.

An orc warlord, age at least 120+ years, a vampire who held sway over his legions by fear, spell and his undead commanders. Incredibly nasty guy. Eats 85th level fighters for lunch. Tends to wear a tattered but heavily enchanted suit of ancient laquered bronze platemail of unknown make. Weilds a great flaming demon sword or whatever, but chiefly deadly as he has spells to back all this up. Garrtharks important silly bits for background:

Name: Garrthark aka Garrthark the Impaler aka the Impaler
Battle-standard: A stylized fist, often black on crimson but colors vary, clutching a lightning-bolt bladed sword. Usually his war-banners are issued 1 per Company, and each company of troops would personalize it.
Current Whereabouts: unknown

Name: Greicha aka Greicha the First aka the Deliverer
Race: Human descendant of Shamaroth royalty
Coat of Arms: A Griffon sable rampant on a cote Crimson (ie a black rearing griffon on a red background.) Royal seal is probably the same griffon in gold. Thinks griffons=Greicha :)
Age: Oh, make him 35 or so, big heroic sort, flashing eyes and all.
Appearance: Classic Celtic hero, red-haired, green eyes, well-dressed and spoken (maybe his Elvish teachers). Wears fine silvered armour of elven steel and weilds an elven sword given to him by the King of the High Elves of Silverwood.
Personality: A noble (but vengeful) knight sort.

Silverwood and the High Elves
Silverwood is a beautiful, mist-shrouded isle off in the eastern sea someplace, where the High Elves hold court. Their king (Farendil), took in the shattered remnants of the refugees of Shamaroth after the Great War. Farendil listed in horror to the tales of death and foul magic, and was horrified to find Garrthark was still alive. Farendil, being a generous sort, let the Shamarothians settle on the isle temporarily, helped them raise an army, and even supplied some of his Nekojin mercs, who are feline representatives of a rare race from far-off Nihon... and basically bankrolled the whole return of Greicha.

After the defeat of Garrthark, the high elves pretty much went home, but they do have good relations with Greicha and Shamaroth. Major trading partners, too. Elven traders in the market might be wise...

The High Elves MUST have built the old city walls way back when...then repaired them after the retaking of the city.

Shamaroth Reckoning, where year 0 is the founding of the city

000: Shamaroth founded by settleres for the western lands.
050: Shamaroth grows large enough to actually put up a pallisade and begin electing officials.
150: Great plague sweeps Shamaroth, kills maybe half the population.
175: Shamaroth harbour is finished with the addition of a large breakwater to protect moored vessels.
180: Having contacted Silverwood by sea, the elves and Shamarothians sign a bunch of treaties, and settle down as buddies.
210: The elves finish the building of the Walls of Shamaroth for king Dormen.
255: The Great War starts with Garrthark besieging the city.
256: After 14 months, the city falls, all but 10-20 perecnt of the populace has been killed. The remained flees to Silverwood and begins recovering.
289: Greicha born under a favorable astronomic conjunction.
300: Griecha leads the assault on Shamaroth and Garrthark.
301: Garrthark defeated (but never found) and the evil monsters killed or cast out...though a few, notably ensorcelled troll mercs, sign on with Greicha, who they see as their deliverer as well.
306: The present. Something is not right, Sham is becoming a deadly urban nightmare.....

Map of Shamaroth

                    To Cidri     ^     To Cidri

            000 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010
        010  T---W---W---W---W   G   W---W---W---W---T
             |                 \ | /     |           |     Boats
        009  W                   M       Th          W      To
             |    Palace is      |       |           |     Islands
        008  W   multilayered    M   Th--Th          W
  The        |                   |         \         |
        007  W    P P P P        M           Th      W      The
 Meadow      |    Entrance       |           | \     |
        006  W       ^       Bk--Mr--Ty  C   Th  Th  W    Harbour
               \     |           |   |   |         / 
    <-- 005  G---S---S---S---Mr--Mr--Mr--S---S---S--------->
               /     |       |   |   |       |     \
        004  W   Pr--Pr      Gn--Mr  Pb      X---H   W      The
  The        |   |   |           |           |       |
        003  W   Pr--Pr--Pr--Pr  S       H   X---H   W    Harbour
 Meadow      |   |   |   |   |   |       |   |       |
        002  W   Pr--Pr--Pr--Pr  S---X---X---X---X---W
             |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |       |      Boats
        001  W   Pr--Pr--Pr--Pr  M   H   H   X---H   W       To
             |                 /   \         |       |     Islands
        000  T---W---W---W---W   |   W---W---W---W---T
                 To Norduum, Tree city, Troll hills

Gn      : General store         Th      : Thieves alley
Mr      : Market with stalls    S       : Shortstreet
Bk      : Bank                  M       : Mainstreet
Ty      : Toyshop               H       : Several houses
Pb      : Pub                   X       : X1th street
C       : Cleric's guild        W       : Wallstreet
T       : Towers + Fighter's    G       : Gates
Pr      : Park  (newbie area)   P       : Palace

NOTE: There is far more than the eye meets. There are ups and downs and hidden areas.
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