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West Lords

West Creators
Bronwen Godard Glade Tamsin Elastica Dexter Shuanti

* Corpus Corpus

Population: Unknown, few have returned to say....
Location: Beyond the Great Western desert
Caretaker: Haydon

Known Information:
Legends are brought far from the west of a land that was once home for many races, a secluded region free from the scourge of war, a home won after a long battle with nature, a home that seemed secure.

A home that houses an ancient terror.

Recent rumours speak of enslavement, of evil and fear, of oppression and terror. They speak of a mysterious figure and of the need for allies. They speak of an ancient rhyme, written long ago....

Let it be told, let it be told

Of fire and wrath, of earth and gloom
Of air and joy, of water and doom

Fiery rage, bilious is he
Fury provoking the worst in thee

Earthly gloom, melahcholic is he
Despair that raises inaction in thee

Breezy joy, sanguine is she
Delight brings out the best in thee

Watery calm, phlegmatic is she
Acceptance invoking the good in thee

Goodness of joy
Matches evil of wrath

Kind acceptance of doom
Matches inaction of gloom


Speak not of the one, the one who is all
For release of the one will bring death as foretold....

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