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Finger Jamethiel
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* Featured victim: Jamethiel

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Haven't you got anything better to do with your life?
You don't get out much, do you?
Too much, they pour my drink before i get to the bar.
When did you start playing Nanvaent?
What impressed you most as a newbie?
You think i can remember?
Have you ever dreamt about Nanvaent?
Nightmares they're called arent they?
How old are you?
Very very old.
Who is Spartacus?
A Thracian.
What on earth possessed you to get to level 332?
I have absolutely no idea.
What's your favourite bug?
That npc in mimbre which gives you 3 million xp every time you give it a cake.
What sort of music makes you scream in pain?
Girly pop.
Is it easy, as a female, to get free equipment off other players (specifically men)?
Nah just from imms.
You're not really female, are you?
No at least not today.
What's your job (in case of no job, please enter "slacker")?
Searching for little green men whilst armed with a blow torch, high vacuum and a bottle of HF.
Have you ever done a quest without cheating? You can tell us.
Summarise yourself in 30 words or less.
I think these questions suggest that you've all made your minds up already.
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