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See if you can find the newbie guide in Nanvaent Village - he may be able to help you.
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The world of Nanvaent is divided up into a number of regions known as Domains, which link together to form the world. Each domain is slightly different, whether it be in terrain or technology. To advance in the world of Nanvaent you probably will have to travel to many of these domains.

Nanvaent VillageThe Village of Nanvaent is a reasonably safe place to stay, fighting is normally outlawed, but watch out for the odd Wizard who likes to show off by frying new arrivals. Draemar Wood, which surrounds the village is inhabited by many strange creatures, some of which will attack without warning, but I'm sure that won't put you off a woodland stroll.

If you travel north from the Village you soon will enter the great mountain range that splits the world in two. There are many ancient tales that speak of mighty fortresses and deep mines hidden within their stoney bounds.

The city of AlexandriaAfter crossing the mountains, it's not that hard, the locals have provided a reasonable road - just watch out for the bandits, you'll descend onto the northern plains. At the western end of the plain lies the city of Alexandria, not to be confused with one in Egypt, with it's immense harbour and it's many ships that sail to distant lands.

At the eastern end of the plain lies the Great Crater. It was formed many Aeons ago when Nanvaent was young, during the wars between the Wizards and the Gods. The Crater was formed when one of the younger Gods left the iron on and it burnt a hole in the proverbial carpet, all but wiping out the highly advanced civilization that was living there.

The city of ShamarothTravelling to the east of the Village you'll soon reach the coast and the City of Shamaroth. Not much is known about this City except that it is under strict military rule and that its Lords have amassed great wealth by taxing the people of the Dutchie.

South from the Village the land becomes subtropical and the woods rapidly give way to tropical forest. Travellers tales tell of a lost Inca civilization living in the jungle. Don't worry if the earth moves for you too, it's just the numerous volcanoes having an eruption or three. That's our story and we're sticking to it!

The great western desertTo the west of the Village lies open plains and then you'll reach the City of Grudul which stands at the edge of the Great Desert. The City itself is somewhat of a mystery, it is virtually abandoned and is pretty much in decay, which is not surprising considering it's great age. It is said that Grudul was there before Nanvaent! Who knows what ancient secrets maybe hidden within it's walls.

Beyond Grudul, the road winds out into the Great Desert, many have entered, though few have returned. But those who have have spoken of the oasis town of Sweetwater, located in the western reaches of the desert. Travellers speak of strange metal sticks the locals have that propel small metal lumps at high speed with deadly accuracy.

To assist in your travels, you may find it helpful to learn a profession which will maybe, just maybe, increase your life expectancy. You could always just plump for making your way as a warrior and live by the sword, and probably die by it aswell. You may choose the life of a Cleric, helping others, while you help yourself. It is said that there is still a great deal of residual magic left over from the Wars, and the life of a Wizard can be very profitable, if you can find somewhere to learn. Maybe you'd just prefer to let other people do all the work, and you just steal the profits, maybe you'd like life as a Thief. Then again, maybe some other profession will take your fancy.

Finding a travelling companion or a bodyguard may also prove very helpful in keeping yourself alive long enough to write your last will and testament.

Once again, Welcome to the world of Nanvaent. - The Nanvaent Tourist Board.
Live long and Prosper! (But not too long!) - Nanvaent Undertakers Association.

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