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Finger Tubbs
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* Featured victim: Tubbs

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Haven't you got anything better to do with your life?
Yes I'm in the middle of an MSc in Satellite Positioning Technology, but it's not as exciting as it sounds.
Aren't you bored yet?
I did get bored a few years ago, and stopped playing so much, but now I'm back and bumbling along again.
When did you start playing Nanvaent?
Jan 13th 1977, at about 4am.
What impressed you most as a newbie?
How quicklyand easuly I could be killed and how quickly my spelling improved.
Have you ever thought about Nanvaent in the toilet?
Yes, and I have thought about toilets in nanvaent too. I can think of at least 4 off hand. Perhaps I'm odd.
How old are you?
25 and a quarter.
Who is Nero?
The man who taught the world that if there's a burning sensation you shouldn't be fiddling with it.
How many addicts have you had (so far)?
2 - Tubbs and Tubbs(II). Need more qp with the others.
What's your favourite bug?
The one that let non addicts into the addicts guild for a few weeks. Very cheap advancing in there... I also liked the potions that allowed you to join the barbarian's guild as any race you liked, and the age old slapping the Judge and getting locked up as a method of escaping from any point in the game. Don't know many now though :(
What's your favourite snack when you're playing Nanvaent?
Some sort of deep fried crispy snack things like crisps. Or a sandwich perhaps, or even pizza.
Which guild do you like the best?
Well I like the "hit them with a big stick" type guilds as opposed to the "blow them up with magic words" type. It's the simple things in life that give you pleasure. At the moment I'm enjoying thieves, they have a almost limitless capacity for annoying other players.
What's your job (in case of no job, please enter "slacker")?
Have you ever done a quest without cheating? You can tell us.
Yes, at least 3, King Maker, Unicorn, and Rat Catcher before it was removed. I especially like the one where you get to give the woman a pearl necklace.
Summarise yourself in 30 words or less.
Just your average 25 year old student really. Highly intelligent, amazingly sexy, and very very modest. If only I washed more often...
And finally, an unashamed plug for your website.
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