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Someone fakes a tell from you to Aragorn saying "You are an idiot". What do you do?
You spam Aragorn for an hour, apologising, explaining, and barely keeping tears in check.
You tell Aragorn "And I mean it, too!"
Ha! Aragorn is always hidden! You're not fooling ME.
You ignore the pathetic tricks and plot your next PK.
You panic and suicide since Aragorn will delete you anyway.
Hypothetical. No one would do such a mean thing.
You tell Aragorn "You know I wouldn't say that. You and I are the cleverest people here."
You don't even notice. You are busy getting your stat total to thrice the usual level.
Burty transes you to his workroom and says he knows you are cheating. What do you do?
Guilt assails you. You know you haven't done anything, but you apologise anyway.
You tell Burty "Muahaha! You drink pee!"
As if anyone could catch YOU cheating.
You pretend your English is worse than it is and say "He?"
You get angry and suicide since Burty will delete you anyway.
Cheating is dishonourable. No one does it.
You tell Burty "You are a clever bloke and so am I. People are plotting against me."
You are astounded. Why would you cheat? No stat bonuses in that.
You died and you think a bug is responsible. What do you do?
You immediately buglog this and send earnest mails to all the relevant creators.
You shout: "None of you can code! Or get girlfriends!"
What else is new. You're not fussed anyway.
You try to think of ways of killing people with the same bug.
You get infuriated and suicide, cos what's the point anyway?
Nanvaent is a carefully coded environment. Bugs are extremely unlikely.
You CHAT "Heh. Only I could have found this bug."
You set about regaining all your lost XP with manic energy.
An unknown player offers to help you complete a hard quest. What do you do?
You thank them earnestly and start following them.
You begin a long diatribe on CHAT, accusing them of various improbable sexual crimes.
You know all the quests. You wrote the quest sheets. You tell them to bugger off.
You say "hey thanks" and start plotting ways to ambush them with your pals.
A hard quest? You get despondent and suicide. You hate this game.
You tell them "why did I die? Is it a part of the quest? When do I get my qp?"
You tell them "LMAO. I know more about this game than you ever will."
You've done the quests. You've got maximum possible QP. What are they talking about?
You log on and discover you are a God! What next?
You log off immediately and report this serious bug to the nearest Admin.
You delete as many files as you can, chortling delightedly, and leave a mocking message.
You buff up your stats and inventory, are too lazy to code a backdoor, and quietly log off.
You kill everyone. Everyone. And I mean everyone.
This is too much. Disgusted with the lax security, you immediately suicide.
What is a God?
You delete your enemies. You had the list ready for a long time.
You immediately download stats on every weapon and skill bonus calculation formulas.
Fosters is harassing you on CHAT. How do you respond?
You shake your head sadly, but refuse to acknowledge such rude words. Some people.
You agree with everything he says. That man's got a point! And such wit, too!
You CHAT "whatever" then ignore him, knowing he'll get tired of it.
You CHAT "he fosters stfu" then plot the best way to kill him.
You fight back, then suicide. Your feelings are not even printable.
Harassment is not allowed on Nanvaent, so no one does it.
You CHAT "I am handsomer than you, you sad man."
You don't have CHAT on. You are busy getting your TXP to over one hundred million.
You start a new character on Nanvaent after some time's absence. What to do?
Well! First of all, you map everything new, and read all the long descriptions.
Turn CHAT on and seek someone soft to victimize.
Use your quest aliases, then get good equipment off your storage chars.
Start preparing a lowbie serial killer. Those newbies won't know what hit 'em.
At the beginning once again! Despairing, you ponder suicide.
You read your newbie guidebook from cover to cover, then beg for a sword.
You know what to do. Soon, you will be the best player again.
Much to do. Fifty million TXP by the end of the week? You smile happily.
Someone called Sexxxybabe is hitting on you. How do you respond?
You don't condone this type of behaviour. Alarmed, you log off.
You flirt back and turn your log on. Soon you will post it on all boards.
It's probably a bloke anyway.
You flirt back, hoping to lure her somewhere you can kill her.
Are they toying with your feelings? You know it'll end in tears. You suicide.
You flirt back. You bet it's someone hot! Woo hoo!
Understandable. You tell her "So you fancy me? Something could be arranged."
You fail to notice. You are too busy harvesting your favourite XP area.
Someone kills one of your characters and destroys all your kit, saying "Muahaha!" What do you do?
Tears well to your eyes. When shall man's cruelty to man ever cease?
You don't even notice it and continue ranting about your holidays on CHAT.
Wouldn't happen. You are rock hard.
Soon they will pay. You and your friends will kill them back thirty times over.
Well this is the final straw, isn't it? You suicide.
You tell them "I'll kill you when I'm strong!" then spam them for the next two hours.
A vein pops out on your forehead. Don't they know who you are? Another name for the Revenge List!
Luckily you only lost three million XP. You can replace that in an hour.
Your friend is promoted to trial creator. What's your plan?
You huggle them gently. Repeatedly.
Who says they're your friend? You tell them "so you'll code cos you can't pull!"
You get them to code stuff for your guild. It is an honour for them to serve.
You work out a way to be kept abreast of where your victims are via MSN.
You know they will soon suicide. All creators are bastards and life sucks.
You ask them to code four fun new guilds before summer.
You have a man behind enemy lines! Now, the master plot begins in earnest.
Tell them "Some more stat items in the game would be good!"
Someone asks a question on the newbie channel. How do you respond?
You welcome them to Nanvaent, huggle them, and tell them what they need to know.
You NEWBIE "You are so stupid! You are a drop of sweat hanging off a baboon's arse!"
You ignore them. Don't care about newbies.
You give them an answer likely to lead to their premature death.
You berate other people for not helping out or for saying too much. Angered, you are driven to suicide.
Is there a NEWBIE channel? You type "newbie on" ten times in a row.
You NEWBIE "LMAO. Noob."
You point out there are seventeen ways to do what they want done, then list them.
Your trial cre application is rejected. How do you react?
You cry, then ask all your friends for emotional support.
You make twenty three new characters and reapply with each.
You wouldn't apply. You are too lazy.
Anger wells in your soul. You immediately kill another player to ease it.
You suicide. No question.
You post on every board calling everyone a wanker, then leave forever.
You laugh bitterly. They're plotting against you. You know it. They will pay.
Why be a cre? You will soon be the first player with over three hundred million TXP!
As the day draws to a close, you say good night to your fellow players. But how?
You CHAT "Sweet dreams. Be safe. And God bless." then hug everyone.
You shout "My girlfriends are waiting! So long, losers!"
You say nothing. Alternatively, you lackadaisically CHAT "Off."
You CHAT "I will now go to bed. Then I will dream of killing you again. Mmmm."
You gaze broodingly at the darkness outside your window. Impulsively, you suicide.
You don't know how to use the channels. So you don't.
You wave to a select few. They have earned your attention.
You can't go to sleep until you've rounded up your score to the next ten million!

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