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April winner: Torquemada

Answers to the April quiz are listed below. Please note, these are not necessarily exhaustive - there are probably alternative answers to some of the questions (which were taken into account).

Thanks to Balrog for the questions :-)
  1. Who protects Shamaroth and what from?
    Nekojin mercenaries, from orcs.
  2. Who enforces the law in Zavier?
    The Shari.
  3. Where would you listen to the melodies of a harp player?
    Broken Rock, Heartbreak Hotel.
  4. From where would you look west to the home of a necromancer?
    Orc castle in Athenae.
  5. Who is Cidri's top fighter?
  6. Which feared demonic forces live happily in a small cottage in Mimbre?
    The four horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  7. Where could you prove your strength by challenging Brian the Brawler?
  8. Which town is famously older than Nanvaent?
  9. Where might you be getting off lightly to be ambushed, stripped of your belongings and thrown in a cell, and what worse might happen?
    Drow, be assassinated.
  10. What sort of lighting is predominant in skavnet?
    Eerie green glow from walls.
  11. What might you ride into clouds?
    A pegasus (to Librat).
  12. Which dark-elf hero is immune to magic?
  13. Who would make you a knight?
    Lord Percy.
  14. Which two types of gambling are most prolific?
    Nanvaent lottery and wolf racing.
  15. Which bouncer won't let you into a club in Grudul without paying at the door?
  16. How could you win money beating up monks, elementals and knights?
    Go to Athenae arena.
  17. Who wanders about in the mountains and might crush you without noticing?
    Storm giant.
  18. What sort of creature guards the entrance to the fort maze?
    Half-dragon (Garok).
  19. Who might pick your pocket to add to their bags of gold?
  20. Where would you do battle with a sea-monster?
    The South Seas or Twee mere.
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