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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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Upcoming changes include:

New changes include:

20th September 2014:

    A new system of quest requirements for advancing has been introduced.
    The new system involves completing 1 quest (from a list) every 10 levels
    up to level 200.

    Use the "questcheck" command to check if there are quests you should
    complete to keep advancing.

29th June 2014:
    The 'rearrange' command now takes race modifiers into account.

4th October 2013:
    After changing your wimpy status you must now wait 15 minutes before you
    can change it again.

18th Febuary 2013:
    Wizard familiars are now multicolour.

5th January 2013:
    Elementalists have 2 new spells.

19th December 2012:
    'Dodge' modes in many guilds now have a chance to dodge magic attacks.

12th December 2012:
    Wolves of at least level 200 now have the ability to use 'wolfsense'.

7th November 2012:
    Aslonnadh once again grants lives to players of any alignment.

28th October 2012:
    Fighters may now 'ward' without needing to protect someone.

18th October 2012:
    Players receiving a cleric bless no longer need to be near the cleric
    to keep the bless. Players of higher alignment will receive a more
    powerful blessing.

13th October 2012:
    Heavy armour now interferes with Wizards' shields

3rd October 2012:
    Wolfpack guild changes:
    * The 'summon' command now summons a trainable wolf
    * The 'ancient' command has been removed

15th September 2012:
    Training rooms have been opened for the Monks of Mhaolain.

7th September 2012:
    Anyone up to level 50 can now be protected.

30th August 2012:
    N'thydarak has renewed his enmity against good while Aslonnadh has
    withdrawn favour from evil-doers.

21st August 2012:
    The Wizards' Guild has discovered new types of dragon familiars.

15th August 2012:
    Thieves stealing from non-bountied players will now gain a bounty.
    Clerics' smite and benediction commands are now level 150.

10th August 2012:
    Aslonnadh no longer grants lives to evil-doers.

1st August 2012:
    Electrical damage descriptions have been shuffled to allow more
    variety than 'ionize' all the time.

5th February 2012:
    Wizard spell changes:
    * Arcane Transmutation is now available at level 45.
    * Eldritch Lance is now available at level 85.

27th January 2012:
    Clerics now gain xp for healing on safe ground.
    Clerics of level 200 and above now have the 'smite' and 'benediction'

26th January 2012:
    Foresters can now build fires on safe ground.

11th January 2012:
    A new mount is available for Knights over level 200.

31st December 2011:
    A chain lightning scroll is available for Wizards.

24th December 2011:
    Necromancers can refer to minions other than the first with eg
    "say zombie 2 get potion".
    Embalmed corpses no longer decay.

15th November 2011:
    Experienced Questers are being rewarded for their diligence. Visit the
    library for more details.

26th June 2011:
    The Arena can be used for team combats by 'smash'-ing the gong.

22nd March 2011:
    It is no longer possible to wear more than one crown, hat or helmet.

30th January 2011:
    On the first day of every month, xp is doubled.

30th December 2010:
    The wolves races are now more specialised:
    * Grey wolves are more stealthy
    * Red wolves are more agile
    * Arctic wolves are more aggressive
    * Timber wolves are tougher

15th December 2008:
    Addicts 'home' and 'return' will be available to any addicts who
    had the command before the level increase to 200.

9th August 2008:
    Necromancers level 200 and above have gained the ability to embalm corpses.

15th February 2008:

    Extended the maximum idle time specifiable by "maxidle" to 1 week.

27th September 2007

    Able to forge a "Foresters Hammer" from a Steel War Hammer
    Thump rewritten and upgraded to scale the damage with level
    Only foresters can pray at forester shrines

    Added prayer "circle of healing" a group heal prayer
    Barkskin has been changed so the protection scales with levels
    and skills.
    All cleric curses removed, replaced with Vengeance a damage over
    time curse.
    Blessing of Renewal - cast on a tank, will reduce the cost of
    healing prayers on the tank.
    Blessing of Protection - bless the tank to take less damage.

    Gained the "Ward" ability - ultimate tanking/protection mode
    Charge GP cost has been reduced
    Flank GP cost has been reduced

    Gained the "Ward" ability - ultimate tanking/protection mode

    Gained the ability to "Firewalk"

    Skyfire - write a message in magical letters in the sky
    Fire Arrow - upgraded slightly
    Magic Missile - Wizards gain an extra magic missile at certain levels
    upto a maximum of 3 missiles.
    Burning hands has been slightly downgraded
    Stinking cloud has been slightly upgraded
    Fireball has been slightly downgraded
    Familiars - Level 200+ Wizards have learned the ability to summon
    The Imp, the Wisp and the Dragon(for those powerful enough) can be
    summoned. Familiars bestow extra power to the Wizard master.

    All guilds have gained a bonus to skills above and beyond the maximum
    level you can advance that skill.

    Only Fighters, Knights and Wolves can protect players.

    Ents have a new racial command, Root will bestow useful effects on the Ent

18th July 2007

    Epic skills have been made harder to get.
    NOTE: This change does NOT affect your skills in any way. It only
    affects the description.

1st May 2007

    The CHAT channel is now available for new players when they log on.
    In order to reduce the number of potential players offended by some
    of the more lurid and tasteless conversation topics, the 'FOUL'
    channel has been added.
    !!! Conversations will be diverted to the FOUL channel if necessary !!!

21st March 2007

    If you 'pray' on holy ground after dying, then you will no longer
    reincarnate in Nanvaent village.

9th March 2007

    The 'posse' command for organising xp parties has been added.

7th March 2007

    A new channel for discussion and reflection on GAMES has been added.

    All fights in the arena are now death fights that will affect your ranking
    as well as count for the quest. You will still die in the arena, but you
    will no longer lose a life. The arena scoring has also been improved.
    Because of these changes, all arena scores have been reset.

2nd March 2007

    Fighters can now advance smithing to level 150 for exorbitant amounts
    of xp and money. Smithing advanced over level 100 will be enhanced.
    More smithing changes coming soon.

1st March 2007

    Advancing skills in guilds now costs money. Use the 'cost <skill>'
    command to find out how much.

12th January 2007

    Guild Updates, today featuring Cake.
                Traps will now give an indication when they are triggered.
                Rope, Pit and Net traps have been buffed slightly.
                Tiger, Bear and Gorilla have been upgraded.
                Gorilla's now get "warcry", daze your opponent for a short
                Dispel fear buffed.
                Rest command buffed.
                Eldritch shield rewritten/buffed.
                Curse prayers now cost slightly less gps.
                Some small cosmetic changes.
                Level 200 command Deathwish released.
                Defend command tweaked, now more defensive.
                Tornado tweaked, critical cast now gives 2 tornados.
                Elementals can no longer use swords.

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