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* Nanvaent FAQ: General Information

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  • What is Nanvaent?

    Nanvaent is a MUD, which is short for either Multi-User Dungeon or Multi-User Dimension depending on whom you speak to. In short, it is a text based multi-user adventure game played over the net. If that explanation makes no sense to you then you have been spending too much time outdoors, tie yourself to the chair for a while, connect to Nanvaent and prepare to be hooked...

    Nanvaent is an LPmud, running a very recent version of the MudOS driver.

  • Where is Nanvaent?

    Nanvaent is located on a server in New Jersey, USA.

    In the beginning it was running at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where all past and current gods once graduated. But a few years ago games really fell out of fashion there and we had to move.

    Nanvaent then moved to the Multimedia Comms group at the University of Glasgow, running on a Sun Sparc 10 they graciously allowed us part use in. One of the main reasons for picking the University of Glasgow was that one of the gods went on to work there. He then moved on to work for another company and even though we didn't have to move, we did. Mainly to insure at least one highlord/god had physical access to the machine in case of emergency.

    In 1998 the time was then right to have a fundraiser and buy our very own machine. So we did, and it was a success. We then relocated to one of the largest ISPs in the UK, where one of the highlords just happened to be the head system administrator...

    At some point that administrator moved to America and Nanvaent followed some time later. The game migrated to a virtual machine in his basement. And that's where we are still located today.

  • How long has Nanvaent been around?
    This is a tricky question, partially because it's been around since the dawn of time (allegedly) and because there are disputes around what exactly Nanvaent is with respect to its heritage.

    The mud named Nanvaent was an LPmud originally started by Anjou sometime mid to late 1989. Life was tough in those days and we occasionally had to get help from Lars Pensjų himself to get things going. Anjou was quickly joined by Aragorn, who at that time ran an Abermud with no name, and Edacom. Shortly after that we were also joined by Bill, who at that time ran a mud called Vaxmud (where all the characters mentioned above played). This mud had been around forever, i.e. more or less from the time of the first recorded muds (MUD, MUDII). We quickly realised the potential of the LPmud system and converted some of Vaxmud (and its players :-) to Nanvaent. So we can trace our roots back into the white coat operators age, and the jury is still out regarding the exact starting date (or even year). This uncertainty is fast becoming a problem: Did we miss our own 20 year anniversary or not!

  • Is Nanvaent the best MUD to play?
    Nine out of ten mud wrestlers prefer Nanvaent, the tenth was out playing golf when we did the survey. However, it may not be your cup of tea at all. The best thing you can do if you're undecided is to log on and check it out for yourself. You may want to quickly go through the rest of the FAQ first, as it gives a reasonably good impression on what kind of mud we are (and aren't).

  • Where does the name Nanvaent come from?
    The name is an acronym invented by Anjou a long long time ago. But we're not telling you what it means. ;-)

  • Does it cost money to play?

    Short answer: No.

    Longer answer: It obviously costs somebody money to host the game, give it Internet access, and to pay for the hardware it runs on. For the most part, this is covered by the generosity of a few individuals who run the game.

    However, you can help cover these costs by visiting and making a donation - but this is entirely voluntary.

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