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Useful Info

The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent Help: A bit of history

The following sections comprise of two interim history texts produced to explain away the changes to the mud and the landscape between to major upgrades.

Points to note and characters to be aware of :

  • Gandalf: He was the bloke who started the Vaxmud Project (not the current Nanvaent 'Gandalf') who was last reported glowing gently for Scottish Nuclear.
  • Ford: A God of Vaxmud - Bill's old alter ego.
  • Kurgan: One of the other Vaxmud Gods.
  • Strider: A Player who rose from the minions to become !Aragorn.
  • Ivor: One of the Wizards who was sorta genocidal to players
  • Maverick (aka Mav): yeah, he's THAT old!
Dont take them too seriously, Vaxmud was a lot more gung ho than Nanvaent, wizards killed off high level players to stop them becoming wizards, coz there were only a limited number of wizards allowed, so you had to look after your place on the ladder of power.

The only rements of the old Vaxmud that are still around are the City of Grudul (ok, it has been remodelled a bit) and some areas in Mhaolain (if i ever finish converting them all).

So now for the history lesson, are you sitting comfortably?


Then I'll begin...

In the Beginning...
A bit later, after tea...
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