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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Cheating

Please mail all questions to

  • What is considered cheating?
    This can be found in help cheating.

  • I found a bug which allows me to make loads of money, am I cheating if I use it?
    Yes, bugs are found occasionally which allow people to exploit them for their personal gain. This is considered cheating. Do not think you will get away with it, you will be found and you only waste everyone's time in doing so. If you are caught cheating your character will be deleted, so why take the risk?

  • I cannot log on to the game, it says I am banned. What can I do?
    You certainly cannot log on with that character, you will have been banned for a good reason which may or may not be given to you when you try and log on. The chances are you know that you have been cheating, so don't waste peoples' time complaining about it or asking for your character back.

    In the unlikely scenario where you really do not know what you have done wrong you can always log on as another character and ask a Lord if they can find out. If you are unlucky enough to be from a site where you cannot log on new characters (maybe it was your fault, so don't think its luck :) you can mail

    Banning is not always permanent. If you find out you were only suspended for a certain period of time, don't spend that time complaining about it, it will not help matters.

    In extreme circumstances whole sites may be banned; this will usually prevent new characters to be made from that site so it shouldn't affect current players. This is a measure to stop people that find it amusing to log on numerous characters to abuse players. If your site has a new character ban and you would like a new character for serious playing then you should talk to a Lord about it.

  • A friend of mine is cheating, should I let him?
    That is up to you. However, once your friend has been caught by the Powers that Be, it is likely that he or she will be deleted. Most cheaters are eventually caught and accomplices are severely frowned upon.
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