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* Nanvaent FAQ: Harassment and other annoying things

Please mail all questions to

  • Someone is harassing me, what should I do?
    As a fact of life, it is the case that whenever strangers meet there will always be a few people that shouldn't have been there in the first place. These are the people who take great pleasure in making other people miserable and/or angry.

    When someone gets your goat in one way or another you have a multitude of options to make him/her stop, ranging from telling him to stop to making sure he stops playing Nanvaent. Note however, that Nanvaent is a place where role playing occurs. This means that it's perfectly normal to have a thief steal some of your stuff. It's also perfectly normal to have someone chase you through the woods with an axe chanting Heeeeeeere's Johnny! When role playing becomes harassment is when he targets you and keeps doing it over and over again, causing undue distress and aggravation. The borderline between the two is thin and not very easy to spot, so try to solve things between yourselves before alerting the management.

    So-called Out Of Character harassment however is another thing altogether. Sexual harassment, verbal abuse etc are jumped upon from a great height the second we hear about it. People should come to Nanvaent to have fun, not to be harassed.

    So what can you do?

    We have a very advanced consent system whereby you can deny various souls from various people. See help consent in the Nanvaent Help system. Typical use is deny <player> everything. This will make sure he can't tell you things anymore. We also have earmuffs if you want to block certain channels, shouts, souls, etc. See help earmuffs in the Nanvaent Help system.

    Most importantly, we have the harass command. This basically starts a timer, defaulting to a 10 minute countdown. When this timer runs, everything you see and do will be logged to a file in a secure place. This file can only be read or editied by High Lords and Gods, so we know that anything in that file is the actual untampered version of what you saw and did. The main reason for the harassment log is to allow the victim to gather proof about the harassment. More often than not in cases like this, it is the word of one player against the word of another player. Without solid proof like this, it's difficult for us to come up with a divine solution. With this kind of evidence, however, punishment is swift and hard. Do note that you can switch the logging on and off at any time, see help harass in the Nanvaent Help system. New logs will not overwrite older logs. Note also that you need to inform someone high up about the incident, just mailing Aragorn, Bill, Burty, Nirvan or any other High Lord or God will do.

    See also help harassment in the Nanvaent Help system.

  • How can I ignore someone?
    Simply type deny <player> everything and you won't receive any tells or souls from that player anymore. To reverse that you can type consent <player> default or consent <player> everything. Use earmuffs to stop listening to shout messages, soul messages etc in general. Finally use channels <channelname> to stop (or start) listening to a particular channel.

  • How and why am I punished for breaking the written and unwritten rules?
    There are some things you plain and simple do NOT do, and doing any of them will have you banned for life and possibly provoke further action. The shortlist is as follows:

    Harassing or abusing other players Out Of Characters. Sexual harassment, vocal abuse etc.

    Trying to hack or perform denial of service attacks on Nanvaent or the machine/network it runs on.

    More to come here, pquit, dest, rm, ban, suspend etc.

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