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Useful Info

The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Mail, News and Channels

Please mail all questions to

  • How do I use the Nanvaent Mail system?
    You need to find a Post Office to read or send mail in Nanvaent. In Nanvaent Village you will find the Post Office just south of the Square. When you have found the place you can type mail and you will be put into a mail program where you can read and send mail, as well as many more advanced features. If you are reading mail you should be able to just press return and it will show you any unread mail. When you have finished type q and press enter to quit the mail program.

    To send mail to someone type mail <name> from the normal Nanvaent prompt and follow the instructions. From the mail program you should just type m <name>.

    For more information on the mail program type help mail, or for quick help when using the mail program type ? at the mail prompt.

  • How do I use the Nanvaent News/Boards system?
    As a player you need to find a bulletin board. These are usually found in Guild rooms or other general rooms.

  • Which board should I post on?
    The relevant board. You wouldn't want to post stuff concerning wizards on the thief board, advice to starting thieves on the knight board, or general stuff concerning all players on an isolated local board read by a hopelessly lost player once every two years.

    There are many different boards and each has its own topics. Each Guild has a board for discussing Guild issues or chatting to other Guild members. Other boards include the tourist board which is used for general chatter. There is a Party board with announcements of upcoming parties, an applications board which should only be used if you are applying to become a Creator, etc. The name of the board should give you a clue.

  • What are channels?
    Nanvaent has many different channels you can talk on. Channels provide a means of communication to groups of people regardless of their location within Nanvaent. The most commonly used channel is the chat channel, which is for general chat and gossip. Guilds also have their own channels, which is usually just the name of the Guild.

    Other channels include a newbie channel for asking questions or asking for help. There is a channel called emergency which should only be used in emergencies to contact Creators when something goes horribly wrong; do not use this channel unless you have to!

    Creators have a variety of dedicated channels you will not have access to.

  • How do I talk on channels?
    To talk on a channel you type the channel name followed by the text you want to say. For example, chat Hello everyone!!!. This will show up on everyone's screen, providing they have the chat channel turned on. If I typed chat Hello it would show up on peoples screens as CHAT:Burty: Hello.

  • How do I emote and soul on channels?
    You can do emotes and souls on channels too. An emote allows you to express an emotion instead of just sending a message. For example, if I typed chat@ is feeling sad it would show up on peoples screens as CHAT:Burty is feeling sad.

    Soul commands are like emotes but are preprogrammed, see the section on communication for more details. To perform soul commands over channels you need to use the : modifier. For example, if I type chat:grin aragorn it will show up on peoples screens as CHAT:Burty grins at Aragorn and on Aragorn's screen it will show up as CHAT:Burty grins at you..

  • How do I turn off channels?
    To turn off a channel you must type channels <channel name>. To turn the channel back on you can type the same thing. For example, channels chat will turn off chat if you have it on already.

  • How do I see what channels I can use?
    Typing channels will show you what channels you are currently listening to. To see which channels are available to you type channels all.

  • How do I see who is listening to a channel?
    By simply typing the name of the channel on its own you will be given a list of people listening to the channel.

  • How do I see what has just been said on a channel?
    By using the command chistory <channelname>, or simply ch <channelname>. It will give you the last 10-15 entries, properly timestamped.

  • Why aren't foreign languages allowed on channels?
    Simply because this is an english-speaking mud where the majority of players only have english as their common language. It's unfair and annoying if a select few start using their native non-english language on public channels. This goes for other public messaging forms like shouts as well. You are likely to get kicked off if you continue doing this.

  • Why do I get kicked off if I fill up the channels/shout with drivel?
    Most people listen to quite a few channels, and it's very annoying (especially for people who are in the middle of something important) to watch line after line of gibberish scroll by. This also goes for people that send control sequences to public channels.

  • How can I read Mail and News offline?
    You can read your Nanvaent mail offline using most Windows or Unix mail programs. However, most only allow to be setup to read mail from one server, so you may not find this convenient. Nanvaent runs a POP3 mail server which you can connect to and download your mail. POP3 is a common protocol used by mail programs to collect mail, it does not allow you to send mail however and Nanvaent does not allow you to send mail to the internet using your nanvaent mail name.

    To find out details of how to use the Nanvaent POP3 Server, type help pop3 in the game. If your mailer is setup to check for mail every few minutes, please set this to quite a high number, as we dont want connections every 2 minutes.

    A similar service for Nanvaent's boards will be available in the near future.

  • How do I make a signature for Mail and Boards?
    This is easy, simply make an alias called .signature in the same way you make other aliases and this will be appended to all your mail messages and posts on boards.

    For example, I typed alias .signature Burty and the bottom of my messages look like this:


    The ---- is always added beforehand.

  • How do i make an alias for a channel so it says something after my name?
    A simple form would be something like alias chat chat@ [Mr Cool]:, which would produce chats like:
     CHAT:Burty [Mr Cool]: Hello

    Some people seem keen on making these aliases in fancy colours. This is acceptable if they are not too long, and that you make sure the rest of the chat is in the correct colour. To do this the above alias might look like alias chat chat@ [%^RED%^Mr Cool%^RESET%^CHANNEL%^]:. Remembering that guild channels use GUILD-CHANNEL not just CHANNEL.

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