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* Nanvaent FAQ: Quests

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  • What is a Quest?
    A quest is a small adventure within Nanvaent, usually involving a series of puzzles that must be solved to complete it. As a point of difference from much of your other MUD adventures quests may be most fun when done alone.

  • Do I HAVE to do Quests?
    Yes, if you want to get on in the world of Nanvaent. It's impossible to advance and improve your skills if you don't do quests.

  • How do I do Quests?
    Explore Nanvaent and look for them. You can get some pointers in the Nanvaent library.

  • Why can't I talk about Quests on channels?
    Because we find this spoils the fun for those players that prefer to solve Quests without assistance. Never talk about Quests.

  • How do I find out what Quests I can do?
    The western annex of the Nanvaent Library provides a full list of available quests. Simply type look up quests to get the list. You can also lookup individual quests by typing lookup <quest name> and you can see what quests a person has done by typing lookup <player name>.
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