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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Creators

Please mail all questions to

  • What is a Creator?
    A Creator is someone that has elevated from the life of a player and now spends his time expanding and enhancing Nanvaent. Everything you see and interact with on Nanvaent is made using a language called LPC. As the name indicates, it is very similar to C but with quite a few nice changes and additions to make it more usable for coding a mud. A creator's job is to use this language to build new rooms, new objects, new monsters, new quests, etc etc. Or, as it happens, brush up older areas that are starting to get a little long in the tooth. Some creators also work on other parts of the system, like guilds and races. Other more skilled creators (typically lords, high lords and gods) work on the underlying system that makes everything work.

  • What do Creators do all the time they are logged on?
    They work with extreme dedication and frequent displays of brilliance on stunningly complex coding problems.

    Sadly a lot of the time a Creator is logged on he is actually busy doing something else, like working! So don't feel bad if they don't respond to your questions immediately.

  • How old are these Creators?
    Many Creators are of a similar age to the players, especially as many creators were players themselves not long ago. Some Creators especially the Higher ups may be a little older, but certainly not over the hill :-) (Well I am not anyway - Burty)

  • How many Creators are there?
    There are many Creators and over the years many have come and gone. The current count is somewhere around 90, but sadly many of them are busy with their lives to spend too much time developing Nanvaent.

  • How do I become a Creator?
    A Nanvaent creator is a person that wants to devote some of his time to make Nanvaent a better place. This means for all intents and purposes giving up life as a player and joining the strange crew that actually help expand and enhance Nanvaent. The requirements for becoming a Trial Creator are few. You need at least one character that has made it to level 90 in the game. Some people think a level restriction on becoming a creator is strange, citing the fact that most other muds will promote you the minute you log in if you so desire. However, we feel that applicants should have a clear picture of how Nanvaent works. Not only will you then know roughly where everything is and where to look if you want to see how a certain room or monster is created, but you will also know which areas of Nanvaent are in most need of a brush-up or rewrite. You will also have a much easier time making sure your monsters and objects fit in with the rest of Nanvaent in terms of power, value, and general description.

    Another requirement is that you haven't behaved too badly in your time as a player. People known to be troublemakers, cheaters and the like are very unlikely candidates for creatorship, even if they suddenly claim to be reformed.

    When you have reached level 90 and feel you want to try your hand at being a creator all you have to do is surf to the Nanvaent website and submit your application. The application is important as it in addition to your existing "track record" on Nanvaent is the one thing a Domain Lord looks at to determine if you are worthy a chance as a creator in their Domain. Your application should contain everything you feel is relevant. Especially programming skills, prior role playing/DM experience and/or english skills. The ideal creator is a friendly english major specialising in medieval times, with spare time spent programming and role playing. :-) Not many people fit this description and we don't really expect them to. We usually give everyone a chance to prove that they can be a valuable addition to the team.

    Note that despite this, you have no RIGHT to become a creator just because you've reached level 90 or beyond. You merely have the right to apply. Nanvaent is divided into domains, and each domain has one or two Domain Lords. These lords make sure their domain creators are properly instructed and given tasks to do. A new trial creator is a lot of work for an already overworked, underpaid ($0) lord and they might not have the time to accept a new trial creator at this point in time. If you are firmly set on becoming a trial creator, however, talk to a High Lord or God and we will arrange to have some introductory information mailed to you so you can get started before you eventually get promoted.

  • I asked a Creator a question, why did he/she ignore me?
    Creators have a lot to do, and much of it may not be apparent to you. If they are busy it's best to be patient or ask another Creator. Often a Creator is not even at his computer, or is working on something in another window, so don't think they are being rude if they appear to be ignoring you.

  • Is that picture of Nirvan real? And does he shave his legs?
    We are afraid so.

  • Who are Bill and Aragorn?
    Bill and Aragorn are the Gods of Nanvaent, the supreme administrative, coding, and judiciary authorities. Also known as the Management. Try not to bother them with details and above all be polite to them. Wrath of God is typically a very nasty attack spell that you do not wish to be at the receiving end of...

  • Can Creators help me with Quests and other stuff?
    No. Don't even bother asking because they might do something nasty to you. You should only ask Creators for help if you suspect something has gone wrong. See the section on bugs.
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