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Useful Info

The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Development

Please mail all questions to

  • Why isn't (Insert you favourite thing that isn't finished) finished yet?
    Nanvaent is run on a voluntary basis. We get no money, no fame, no groupies, no nothing. :-) We do this because we like it and because it's sometimes good to know that something you do is appreciated by hundreds if not thousands of others. (That feeling sometimes even manages to overshadow the few players that constantly whine about lack of new areas, bigger weapons and how totally useless the creators are for not quitting their daytime job just to please them). We spend countless hours improving Nan, just don't ask why or we might stop and have a good think about that one. Outcome might not be good. :-)

    Most of us have daytime jobs or are full time students and try our best to have a Life[TM] outside Nan. This means that the girlfriend/boyfriend sometimes wins when it's a choice between going out and sitting at home fixing up Nan. Creators have even been known to do their university assignments instead of finishing off that new area tonight. Shocking I know, but at least it allows them to code for Nan the next semester as well instead of being kicked out of the university (and losing their Internet access). In short, we're doing this at our own pace. Add to that the nasty habit creators have of leaving Nan and getting a Life[TM] just as they're starting to become skilled enough to do serious improvements to the game and you might see why Things Take Time[TM].

    The explanation above also includes new guilds, new commands, new guild objects etc etc.

  • How can I find out what is being developed?
    Tricky. If we give running reports then the number of players getting impatient and wanting to know when it's finally going into the game will increase dramatically and we'll spend most of our time fending off the masses instead of implementing/ improving something. Some changes you can typically get the latest information on by reading the messages on the various bulletin boards. New wizard spells are discussed on the wizard board available in the appropriate guild room, etc.

  • How can I help with the development of Nanvaent?
    There are a few ways, some easier than others. Here is a quick list:
    1. Reporting bugs, typos, loopholes etc. Use the appropriate command (bug, typo, idea, etc). If you find a particularly nasty bug that e.g. could be abused to get insane amounts of experience points then contact a Lord (or higher) as soon as you can. And don't let the fact that noone seem to fix the typos you report deter you, we will get to them sooner or later.
    2. Help other players. This keeps the players off the creators' backs and allows them to spend more time improving things and less time telling players that they can't expect to have command X working as normal when they just aliased X to something completely different.
    3. Reach level 90 (a prerequisite) and apply to become a creator. We need creators. Preferably someone with a good grasp of the English language, good imaginations, plenty of spare time and/or good coding skills. All of the above would be best, but we'll give most people a go. Btw, people who cheat or make a nuisance of themselves have an infinitely smaller chance of being accepted as a trial creator than those who don't, so walking the straight and narrow might be a good idea if your ambitions include becoming a creator.
    4. Donating a small (or large) sum of money so we can get faster, better, bigger hardware to run Nanvaent.
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