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* Nanvaent FAQ: Miscellaneous

Please mail all questions to

  • How can I do something automatically when I log on?
    If you make an alias called login then the contents of this alias will be executed automatically when you log on. Please do not abuse this feature by shouting or chatting things when you log on.

  • It tells me I am passed out and can't do anything, so what do I do?
    Sit back and relax. You are "unconscious" in game terms, typically by getting a halfbrick in a sock to the back of the head or drinking the wrong potion. It will clear up reasonably quickly. This is also a favourite way for the management to deal with obnoxious characters. If you violate the rules of Nan, e.g. spamming channels, swearing on public channels, harassing people etc etc, then you might find yourself passed out for a LONG time. Or banned for a LONG time. Or deleted. Or ...

  • I was killing a monster and someone else came in, killed it and took the gear, is that allowed?
    Sure. As in everything else, early bird gets the worm. Most people are reasonably friendly though, so just ask them and you're likely to get at least some of the loot back. I'm sure some people have triggers in their clients that automatically gets everything from every corpse in a room they enter so they might not even notice it's your kill.

  • Can I get married on Nanvaent?
    Yes you can, go talk to the priest the village church. Note that the village divorce lawyer takes a hefty fee for reversing the process.

  • Can I get divorced on Nanvaent?
    Yes you can, go talk to the village divorce lawyer. As most lawyers he's very expensive...

  • Can we have children?
    Not for the time being. And I suppose, not for the foreseeable future either. Too much hassle with kids. :-) If anyone wants to code a complete system for babies let us know and we will consider it. :-)

  • I married this girl and later found out she was really a guy, what should I do?
    Considering the circumstances and what your mates will say when they find out it might be best to cough up some money and go see the village divorce lawyer. Or not, if both of you are still happy with the arrangement.

  • Why is it saying 'Queued commands'?
    To avoid people grinding the system to a halt, there is a limit on how many commands you are allowed to perform each heartbeat (i.e. every 2 seconds). If you type in more than 6 commands then the remaining commands will be queued up for later execution. Now, 6 commands every 2 seconds is quite a lot but people with clients and/or aliases can easily send a LOT more than this.

    A side-effect of the fact that the remaining commands will be executed on the next heartbeat is that if you don't have a heartbeat then you will not be able to execute any commands at all. To restart your heartbeat when it has stopped just type 'restart'. No heartbeat doesn't happen very often, it is the result of a game bug happening _while_ your heartbeat was executed. Instead of the same error possibly happening again and again the game will simply switch off your heartbeat (and give you a message) so the problem can be fixed.

    One final thing that might prevent your commands going through immediately is when the game has too much to do. This happens occasionally. :-)

  • How can I meet people from Nanvaent in real life?
    This depends entirely on where you live. Most of our regulars come from the UK, simply because Nan is located in London, England and if you play from far away then netlag might severely hamper your playability. MUD playing can sometimes be fast paced, especially in combat. People connecting from far away or over lousy links can sometimes have problems keeping up with the pace. Because of this, the infamous Nanvaent Parties mostly happen in the UK. There is no organisation or plan for these parties - they just happen when someone takes it upon himself/herself to arrange one. Usually there is one every 2-3 months, sometimes more frequently. If you hang out on Nan, read the party board and listen to a few channels then you'll get word of the next one pretty quickly. The parties themselves seem to mostly consist of getting together for a weekend and being utterly smashed the whole time. I blame this on the fact that the majority of our players are students. :-) Some parties have actually been known to be more than just a night(or four) on the town, with BBQs, excursions etc but don't expect too much. :-) If someone wants to try to do better, let us know and we'll arrange webspace on the Nan server.

    (Note that the Notts party had a 4-way Sega Rally, live bands and even someone that swallowed goldfish and lightbulbs -Ed)

  • Do I have to 'roleplay' a character?
    Nanvaent is not a diehard role playing mud, and we're probably closer to the opposite side of the scale. We have a number of facilities that promote a more social way of having fun. We have numerous channels available either to everyone or a certain group of players (fighters, clerics etc), you can 'tell' things to another player across the mud if (s)he allows you to and bulletin boards are available across the mud if you want to post messages. Most of these conversations are done OOC (Out Of Character, meaning they do it as themselves not as the type they're supposed roleplaying). Having said all that, there is plenty of room to roleplay and most people manage a good combination where they do their actual playing (running around, exploring, killing, meeting other characters etc) IC (In Character) while at the same time chat on channels etc OOC.

  • Will Nanvaent give me reimbursements if i fail my degree or lose my job, or my wife/girlfriend?
    Alas, no. Some MUDs are VERY addictive, and Nanvaent is one of them. Beware of the "just one more level" syndrome. :-)

  • Another player told me to type 'kill his_name', should I do it?
    This is typically a bad idea. In Nanvaent we have level restrictions that in most cases will prevent a high level player from attacking low level players. There are exceptions to the rule regarding players with bounties and serial killers (and those loopholes that players are so good at finding :-). There is no restriction upwards however, so some immature high level players will try to trick you into attacking them so they can kill you. Once a fight is in progress, there are no checks in place to save you from premature death...

  • What are Domains and do I need to know?
    The realm of Nanvaent is physically divided into several Domains, each run by one or two Domain Lords. The current domains are Coast, Mhaolain, Mountain, North, Valley and West. There are also a few domains with no geographical attachment, like Guilds and Games. The reason for having domains is basically to break the mud into administrative managable parts. It has nothing to do with playing the game and players should consider Nanvaent as being one single area. If you know your way around Nanvaent, however, you are very likely to discover where one domain starts and the next starts, especially keeping the domain names in mind. This may become important if you apply for creatorship, as it is perfectly valid to ask to be promoted into a specific domain. Whether your wish can be granted is another thing.

  • Can I have more than one character?
    Nanvaent is a fairly easy mud, and it does not take too long to reach Addict (level 100). Because of this, we allow people to have more than one character so that they may play Nanvaent in various ways. Diehard Nanvaent fans have played every guild to the top, and then some. But the important thing is that your characters may not interact with each other in any shape, form or fashion. Nor can they be logged in at the same time. Both actions constitute cheating, and will be dealt with accordingly. See help cheating for more information on cheating. Basically it boils down to the fact that you are not allowed to use knowledge gained by one character to further another character. A few examples to make things crystal clear:

    You are not allowed to drop stuff, quit and bring on another character to pick the stuff up. This also means you may not play about with one character until a suitable victim logs on and then quickly log out and bring on a suitable Player Killer character which just happens to be in range of the victim. Unfortunately enough, this is exactly what some naughty individuals keep doing.

  • What is LAG and how do I get rid of it?
    LAG is the common name for everything that slows down your Nanvaent playing experience. The most common form is caused by the network between you and the computer nanvaent runs on, typically called netlag. The machine is located in London, England and usually the further away you are from that location the slower it will be for you. That's the primary reason we have more players from Britain and West Europe than anywhere else in the world.

    Another form of lag occurs when the mud has been running for a long time without a reboot. At some point the mud starts using more than the available memory and we start swapping to disk. Depending on how busy we are, this state is typically reached after 4-8 days uptime.

    Another cause for lag are stupid players who create an alias that call twenty aliases that each in turn call twenty new aliases that ... This quickly adds up to a few hundred thousand commands done each time they execute the alias and is likely to grind the mud to a halt. When we catch the idiots that do this, we typically delete them...

  • How do I keep up to date with the latest Nanvaent news?
    Be sure to browse the information you get each time you log in, it sometimes contains vital information. You can also read this information at any time by using the command news. In addition to this, the bulletin board in the Tourist Office sometimes have useful postings.

  • How do I get more information about a given player?
    The command finger player_name will show you some information about a fellow player. Some people do not like the idea of other people knowing who they are so take the information you find with a pinch of salt - it might be fake. Other than that, the best way to go about getting more information about a player is to actually talk to them. Usually works well.

  • How do I edit my own finger information?
    By using the command chfn and answer the questions you then get.

  • How long are characters kept before they are wiped?
    Generally, we clean out the old unused players once or twice a year. This is primarily done to allow new players to reuse all the old names that are taken by long gone players. The players we remove have typically been away for more than 6 months, normally closer to a year. However, old players with no XP (Experience Points) are given a much shorter time. This because they're typically the result of people logging in, not liking what they saw and immediately logging out never to set foot on Nanvaent again, and it only takes you 10 seconds to create a similar character should you need it again.

  • What do all the abbrevations and acronyms people use mean?
    People think up the most intricate abbrevations to avoid having to type the extra letters it takes to spell it out. Some of these acronyms and abbrevations have made it into the daily life on Nanvaent. Here are a few to get you going.
    As Far As I Know

    Away From Keyboard

    As Soon As Possible


    Be Back Later


    Be Right Back

    Better Than Life, not to be confused with a BLT :-)

    See You

    For Your Information


    In Character, meaning someone is currently role playing. Also, I See.

    If I Recall correctly

    In My Humble Opinion. Derivatives include IMO, IMVHO (very) and IMNSHO (not so).

    In Real Life, i.e. outside the mud.

    Not an acronym, but denotes the fact that the network (or the machine running the mud) might be overloaded and cause your connection to slow down. When things start to slow down, you will see lots of people shouting "LAG!"...

    Laugh Out Loud

    On The Other Hand

    Out Of Character, meaning someone is NOT currently role playing but acts as himself.

    Roll On The Floor Laughing

    Read The F***ing Manual

    Situation Normal, All F***ed Up

    Significant Other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife). Can also mean Sod Off.

    There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

    Ta-Ta For Now, i.e. Goodbye

    Your Mileage May Vary, i.e. it might not work as well for you as it did for me.

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