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Useful Info

The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Getting Started

Please mail all questions to

  • How do I log on?
    If you are unfamiliar with telnet clients in general, see FAQ answer 2.2 above. When you're done with that, then telnet to "". Or you can click here if your browser is set up correctly.

    Once you connect properly, you will see the following screen (or something similar if we redesigned it after this FAQ answer was written):

      [===--------------===] E-mail : [===--------------===]
                                     /  \                  __
                                    / /\ \                /  \
                                   / /  \ \               \  /
                                  / /    \ \              / /
       ____________ ____  _____  /_/_  ___\ \ ____  _____/ /____________ _________
      (___________ /    \ \___ \/    \/  \ \ \___ \/  _  \/    \__   __/__________)
          (________\  \  \/  _  \  \  \   \ \/  _  \  ___/\  \  \ \  \ _______)
              (_____\__\_/\_____/\__\_/\____/\_____/\____/ \__\_/  \_/____)
                             / /              \ \    / /
                            / /                \ \  / /
       Use 'guest' if      /  \                 \ \/ /
       you just want to    \__/                  \  /
       look around.                               \/
      [===--------------===] E-mail : [===--------------===]
     PLEASE use the 'bug' command to log bugs you find.
     Enter your name:

    On the prompt above, you type in the name you want people to know you by on the mud. It is preferred that people pick something slightly Medieval to fit into the game but we allow any names as long as they are unlikely to offend anyone. As you may soon find out, all the "good" names are taken. Nanvaent has a very large player base, with several thousand players dropping by during an average month. Try to be imaginative and invent your own name, or pick a nickname you've always had. Note that names that the general population might find offensive are forbidden and will have you removed and possibly banned. Picking your favourite rude word is not funny and it's been done thousands of time before. Grow up and pick a useful name. If the name you have chosen is already taken, you will immediately notice this as the game will ask you for a password:

     Enter your name: aragorn
     Enter password:

    Here I typed in "aragorn", and found it taken already - surprise! Just press ENTER at the password prompt and the game will disconnect you and allow you to connect again. Repeat this until you find an unused name. That will look like this:

     Enter your name: blackbeard
     Your name is not in our annals.
     Did you enter your name [blackbeard] correctly (y/n) ?

    Answer 'y' there, and you will be asked some question to create your new character. First off, you need to decide on a password. DO NOT use a password you normally use. There are several reasons for this, one being that the mud you connect to is typically half way across the Internet and having an important password flying across the net all the time is Not A Good Idea[TM]. Secondly, some muds are bad seeds and may try to use the password you gave to gain access to your computer. There have been no incidents of this happening on Nanvaent and we believe our security system is pretty tight, but it pays to get into the habit.

    When the password is decided and typed in twice, you will be asked if you are male or female. This has nothing to do with your actual gender, but decides whether your character on Nanvaent is male or female. Most people play the gender they are in real life, but some crossplay. It's up to you.

    Once that is decided, you are finally in the game. On Nanvaent, this means that you have arrived in immigration. That room looks like this:

     You are standing in the Nanvaent Immigration Office where all new arrivals to
     Nanvaent are screened for suitability of admission. The walls are covered in
     numerous posters advertising things to do and places to see. Behind a large,
     high desk sits the Immigration Officer. Upon the desk you can see a copy of the
     Nanvaent High Score Table and above the desk is a large friendly looking sign.
     To the west a short corridor leads into the Tourist Office.
     There is one obvious exit : west
     A largish green box is here.

    What you do from here on is entirely up to you. Some useful commands are who, look, examine <object>, north, south, east, west, up, down, say <something>, tell <someone> <something>, get <something>, inventory and help.

  • What should I do first?
    Since this is likely to be your first ever character, at least on Nanvaent, you should basically wander about, explore things, die a lot and generally have an excellent time. Unlike traditional adventure games, you are unlikely to come across intricate puzzles that will have to be solved to proceed. At least for the first few hours of play, that is, unless you get thrown in jail... Note that Nanvaent is a vast place, containing tens of thousands of location. Compare this to your average PC adventure game with 50-200 locations and you should instantly realise that the first thing you need is a pencil and several large sheets of paper so you can draw maps.

    On your way, it is very important that you examine your surroundings carefully. There are hidden objects, traps, things that go bump in the night and various other elements that can only be located by being nosey and inquisitive. Read the descriptions you see carefully, and examine any objects that may be mentioned. If in doubt however, maim, kill and loot. :-)

  • How do I decide what Guild/Race to be?
    Nanvaent has a multitude of guilds and races. When you first enter Nan you will be human and belong to the guild of Adventurers. If you prefer to be of another race, you can request one free race change from the green box in the immigration office. Various races have different abilities and limitations and picking the right one is entirely up to you. The race box can give you basic information about each race, and more data can be had from your fellow players.

    Picking a guild is even trickier, as it may take you a while to discover which guilds are available. The Fighters guild is easy to spot, so is the Wizards. But can you find the Thieves lair, or the Foresters guild? There are other guilds as well, and the idea is that you play for a while as Adventurer and then later on decide which guild you want to join. Note that some guilds have membership restrictions - for instance, to become a Knight or a Barbarian you have to first join the Fighters guild and work your way up. The Wizards, on the other hand, may reject your application if your intelligence or wisdom are too low...

  • Can I change my race?
    Yes you can, for a fee. Seek out the incredible race change machine in the Village. Luckily the first race change is free, choose carefully.

  • How do I see who is logged on?
    If you type who, you will see an alphabetical list of all the people logged on. This is almost the truth, as there may be people logged on that are hidden from you.

    There are other commands to see who is logged on, these include levels and guilds which show you other information about the people logged on.

  • How do I talk to people?

    If you are in the same location as someone, you can use the say command to say something to everyone in that location. If you want to talk exclusively with someone, you can tell him/her something. A tell will also work even if the two of you are in widely separate locations. We have allowed this anomality since we try to promote the fact that we are a very social mud amidst all the killing and looting. There are also several "channels" that are like radio stations where everyone can pitch in. The most popular is the chat channel, where the weirdest things are said. See help channels for more information about tuning in/out channels and talking on them. Note that quest information, rude language and foreign languages are forbidden on public channels.

  • Where can I kill things?
    The short answer is "almost everywhere". The woods just outside the village you start in are good hunting grounds for beginners. As you start to learn your way around Nanvaent you will soon (well, actually after a long, long time) identify other hotspots of activity.

  • I just got thrown in jail! How can I get out?
    One of the first things that typically happens to a newcomer is that he/she/it does something illegal and ends up thrown in jail. Do not panic, you have just stumbled onto your first quest! As with all quests, it is expected that you put your brain in gear and solve some puzzles to get out. See paragraph on Quests below for more quest information.

  • There is too much on my screen, I cannot read it all fast enough. What should I do?
    Learn to read fast :-) The application you use to connect to Nanvaent may allow you to scroll up which is useful if the screen moved fast and you want to check what happened.

    There are a few things you can do to cut down on what is sent to your screen. You may not be interested in some of the channels, you can turn off specific channels by typing channels <channel name> for example channels chat. If you want to turn off channels completely you could type earmuff channels, earmuffs are also available for other aspects of Nanvaent. Typing earmuffs will show you what is available. So, for example, if you wanted to turn off all soul commands you could type earmuff soul. Typing earmuff total will turn on all earmuffs which can be useful when you are writing mail or posting a message to a board.

  • How do I move around?
    Moving around is normally done by typing in the name of the direction you want to go. Most locations will have a list of these obvious exits, with heavy emphasis on "obvious". In certain locations there may be other exits that are only available to certain types of people, people with certain items, observant people etc etc. The most common exit names can be abbreviated to one or two characters, n, s, e, w, ne, nw, se, sw, u, d, You will also come across doors, portals, rocks, that may need to be unlocked, opened or rolled aside before allowing passage. If you are moving at a fast pace just to get from one place to another far away, it may be wise to switch into brief mode. This will cut down on the amount of description you get from each location you pass through. Typing verbose will get you back into normal mode. Being in brief mode while exploring is a very bad idea, as you'll miss all the clues...

  • How do I win?
    Technically you don't, there is no end like in a traditional game where someone congratulates you and things simply stop. What we do have is a level system that traditionally stopped at level 100 but nowadays go a bit beyond that. When you first start off, you are a newbie at level 0. To increase your level, you need to obtain what we call Experience Points (XP). These points can be gotten by performing tasks related to your profession. Thieves get XP for stealing items and later fencing them, clerics get XP for healing wounded people, etc. In addition to this, they all get XP for killing monsters (and also other players). XP is also awarded for completing quests and performing various tasks around Nanvaent. These Experience Points can then be used to increase your skills. A typical skill will be something like how good you are at fighting with a blunt weapon, or how good you are at swimming. The proficiency in these skills decide what level you are. There are certain milestone levels, here are a select few:

    At level 10, you are no longer considered a Newbie. This means that people within a certain range of levels can kill you.

    Different guilds have different level restrictions, some requiring you to be a certain level before joining and some forcing you to complete various tasks and quests before allowing you to gain more levels.

    At level 90, you can apply for creatorship. This means that if you are accepted you will become part of the staff that maintains and expands Nanvaent. Some muds allow people to apply for creatorship much earlier than Nan, but we feel that you don't become fully qualified unless you know your way around the mud and really knows what it feels like to be a player in Nanvaent. That way you also know the things that if implemented would make it even better...

    At level 100, you are officially an Addict and may enter the Addicts Club once you have completed most of the quests in the land.

  • Where is the best area for newbies in terms of XP?
    Explore and discover. You will soon find out a reasonable rule of thumb - the further you get away from the village you start off in, the more difficult it gets. There are reasonably safe roads leading to other major cities you might want to explore, but going off the beaten path will soon have you up to your ears, gills, whatever in trouble. Ask around, the other players are usually friendly and capable of giving a newcomer some well needed advice.

  • On AnotherMUD we had this really cool command.....
    We are constantly looking for ways of improving Nanvaent, and if someone comes up with a good suggestion we will certainly consider it. If we like it, we'll implement it.

  • What can I do if I have forgotten my password?
    You will need to get ask a Highlord to change it for you. In order to ensure that it is your character you will be asked questions about the that only the owner should know. This is to prevent it being stolen.
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