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Useful Info

The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Player Commands

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  • How do I get help information?
    Type help in the game or read all of this FAQ :-) You can also ask for help on the various channels in the game, guild channels are good for help about your guild, and the newbie channel is good for general questions.

  • How can I nickname someone?
    Nicknames can be useful for cutting down on the amount of typing you have to do and when you see the ridiculous names some people come up with you will be glad you can nickname them. Once someone is nicknamed you can use the nickname in the same way you would use their actual name.

    The syntax is: nickname <nickname> <actual name>. For example, you could nickname 'Moswen' to 'mos' by typing: nickname mos moswen. You can display your existing nicknames by typing nickname and delete them with the dnickname command.

  • How can I make an alias?
    Aliases are similar to nicknames, but can be used for all kinds of commands not just names. Again, aliases cut down on what you have to type and when you have been playing a while you will realise they are very useful for things you do often.

    To alias something you type alias <alias name> <whatever you want to alias it to>. So if you typed alias gc get all from corpses, you would then be able to just type gc and Nanvaent will interpret that as 'get all from corpses'.

  • How can I put more than one command in an alias?
    The commands within an alias must be separated by a semicolon. For example, to alias a simple movement routine taking you from Nanvaent Village centre to the Addicts club, you could type: alias ad in;d;d;n.

  • Can I put an alias in an alias?
    Yes. An existing alias will be properly interpreted within other aliases, so that an alias can be made of a series of other aliases. For example, you could make an alias called gd, which would allow you to get everything from corpses and then move to the Addicts club, type alias gd gc;ad.

  • How can i view/edit my aliases?
    You can list your aliases by typing alias , check an existing alias by typing alias <alias name> and edit aliases using the ealias command. The ealias command will list all your aliases in a menu system and allow you to view, delete or edit them, this is useful for removing old aliases that are no longer used.

  • How do I see what Hit points I have while I am fighting?
    There are two ways to view this kind of information when fighting, and you will have to try them and see which you prefer. Typing monitor on will turn on your monitor giving you a textual description of your health while you fight. Most players prefer the alternative method which is a bar chart of your health - it can be switched on by typing monitor bars. Monitors can be switched off by typing monitor off.

  • How can I see what people have told me?
    There are many means of communication available in Nanvaent. Two of these allow you to review what was said. If you missed what someone told you directly with a tell you can review the last few tells by typing ltell or just lt for short.

    Channels, which are discussed later, can also be reviewed by typing chistory <channel name>, or just ch for short.

  • Do I have to see all these room descriptions EVERY time I go through them?
    Not if you do not want to. Typing brief will mean you only receive short descriptions of the rooms you enter, this may be preferable when traveling around places you have been to before. It actually cuts down on the data which has to be sent across the network to your computer, so it is especially advisable to use brief mode when traveling across long distances. However, Creators spend a lot of time writing the descriptions for all of the rooms on Nanvaent, so when in a new area take your time to read them. Typing verbose will return you to the normal mode.
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