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* Nanvaent FAQ: Guilds and Races

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  • How do I choose a Race to become?
    That is up to you. Most players chose races to fit in with their style of playing, so that they may be massive giant barbarians or brainy elf wizards. To find information about the many races available read the race box at Nanvaent immigration, this will give you an idea about which race suits you best.

  • How do I join a Guild?
    Once you have decided what guild you want to be you will have to find its guild area. When you are in the guild room you can type join guild and you will be made a member of the guild. Things may not turn out that easy every time: if this is not your first guild you may have to leave your current guild before you are allowed to join. Remember to read the guild information by typing info in the guild room before you join... it may tell you that you may never leave, so be careful.

  • What is the best Guild?
    If there was one best guild everyone would be playing it. Since every guild is different they all have their advantages and their disadvantages, which is what makes them interesting to play. You have to make you own mind up by deciding what criteria makes it fun to play.

  • What is the best Race for my Guild?
    There are no definitive best races for any guild. You can always get some pointers by reading the race data, asking the guild members and typing info in your guild room.

  • How many Guilds/Races are there?
    Currently, there are between ten and twenty guilds and a LOT of races.

  • I joined a Guild and now it says I can't leave it, what can I do?
    Well, nothing really, except be more careful next time. Some guilds impose a variety of restrictions, so take the time to read the guild information before you join.

  • What are all these strange names? Aslonnawhatsit etc.
    Infidel! Take not the name of holy Aslonnadh, the god of Light and Law in vain! Nor shall you speak aloud the sacred name of N'thydarak, the glorious lord of Darkness and Chaos! Neither must you speak openly of the mother goddess Gaia! In fact, it might be best if you didn't speak much about anyone with a funny name just to be on the safe side.

  • How do I find out what stat bonuses my race has?
    A basic overview can be seen using the race change machine in Nanvaent village, but experience will be your best teacher.

  • Why can't I join this Guild?
    Are you strong enough, or clever enough, or nice enough? Are you of the appropriate race? The knights might look askance at a halfling applicant, and wizards are likely to frown on particularly stupid apprentices. There are many rules and just as many exceptions. You would do best to ask the appropriate Guild Master...

  • What is a Guild Master and how do I find out who mine is?
    A mediator between the Immortals and the members of the guild, the Guild Master is an experienced player chosen to represent the interests of the guild, help its members with problems they might have, and present your views and ideas to the creators. Every guild has one, and most people will be able to tell you who your Guild Master is, or simply type guildmaster and you will be told automatically. They can also be recognized by the letters (GM) after their name on the levels list. Feel free to ask your Guild Master for information and help - that's why they are there.

  • How do we get a new Guild Master, or how can I be GM?
    Guild Masters are chosen by the members of the guild. It is done by voting for the best candidate, and you will be informed if there is an election.

    If you want to be Guild Master of your guild first ask yourself why. If you want to help the guild and other guild members with your knowledge you don't have to be Guild Master to do that, and anyone is allowed to talk to Creators about ideas. If you feel you are the best person to do this for your guild then maybe you really should be the Guild Master. Try and get some support from your fellow guild members and maybe you will be elected...

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