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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Skills/Stats and Advancement

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  • What do all these numbers mean?
    Your power in the game is expressed in several ways. One is your overall level, ### Someone has yet to write this.

  • How do I change my stats?
    You can change your stats for free once you start a new character. All subsequent changes will cost you dearly...

    Stats may also be influenced in various ways by wearing, wielding, or using magical objects you will encounter in your adventures.

  • How do I advance?
    In order to advance you will need to gather experience points (XP). This can be done in a variety of ways, but the most straightforward is killing various monsters you will encounter around the game. Bear in mind that a sliding scale is in place - a very weak character may get lots of experience for the slaying of a simple rat, dog, or orc, but an advanced one won't profit much by it. Likewise, as you advance in levels you will need more and more experience to reach the next level. An Addict player may well need hundreds of thousands, if not millions of points to proceed to the next level.

    Advancing itself is done in the guild you belong to - make use of the advance command. You may specify the subskill you want to invest your points into, as in advance fighting.points , or even say how many levels you wish to advance - advance magic to 90.

  • What is fighting.firearms used for?
    The barbarian guild uses this skill for a specialised type of defense. If you are not a barbarian and don't plan on becoming one you needn't worry about it.

  • I rearranged my stats, then saved, but now they don't look like what I changed them to. What happened?
    Stats are additionally influenced by several factors. The main of these are racial characteristics (it pays to check them when applying for race change), which will in effect mean that a very clever troll is still fairly stupid, or that a strong fairy still tends to be much weaker than an average ogre. In addition, there are various stat-enhancing (and reducing) pieces of equipment which you might be carrying.
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