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* Nanvaent FAQ: Death and Killing

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  • It says I died, do I have to start again?
    No. Every player is granted 9 lives at the beginning, and death is common among the less experienced. When you die you become a ghost: you can still float around, talk and do all that non-bodily stuff, but you cannot hold things or fight or anything you wouldn't expect a ghost to do. So, you are wondering what do I do now... the answer is to type pray - this will take you back to Nanvaent Village. A little word of advice here: if you were killed by a player, don't be in a hurry to pray and hurry back to your corpse. Player killers often possess a low animal cunning, lurking in the vicinity to try to catch you again while you're weak and defenceless, and you will die again... and again, and again, if you're slow on the uptake. Get yourself together before you pray and think about what you are doing.

  • It says I can only die 2 more times, what happens then?
    It means you will die completely after 2 more deaths. Completely means COMPLETELY, ie GAME OVER, MAN! You will not be able to pray or get resurrected again. If you so choose you will be able to haunt Nanvaent as a ghost...

    At this point your best choice is to use the refresh command, which will return you to level 0 and reset most things. You will keep all your aliases, nicknames and mail etc. You could also suicide your character using the suicide command, this is as bad as it sounds, it deletes everything about your character and you will no longer exist.

  • A PLAYER killed me! Is that allowed?
    Yes, I am afraid so. This may seem unfair when you are the victim, but this is part of Nanvaent, always has been and always will be. You will find there are restrictions on killing other players and it is neither encouraged or discouraged, it is up to you. One thing that is frowned upon is when a player is killed over and over by the same people when the victim is clearly not enjoying it. For more information on Player Killing see the questions on the Book of Blood idea.

  • How can I kill players?
    Whereas killing players may provide hours of thrilling entertainment to the some, others do not share this enjoyment. Nanvaent does not actively discourage player killing and although we do not encourage it either, we will not give you any help in doing the dirty deed. You will have to learn the tricks of the trade the hard way.

  • An addicts second character killed me! Is that allowed?
    Yes and no. It's always a source of confusion when something like this occurs. An addict is not allowed to use his superior knowledge solely to harm and kill other players. Knowledge of the game is one of the greatest weapons on Nanvaent, so when an experienced player starts a new character they are not really on even terms with a true newbie. There are measures to combat this - you will find age and quest points can help you, so an experienced player starting a new character cannot simply advance fast and be very powerful. You will also find that there is no substitute for knowledge and experience though :-)

    So, back to the question, an addict is not allowed to use a second character for the sole purpose of killing other players or stealing from other players. This does not mean they cannot kill a player. If you think an addict is acting irresponsibly then you should report him or her and let us decide.

  • I died and now my stats are lower than they were, is this permanent?
    No, it is just the shock of having been dead. You will be fine soon.
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