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Useful Info

The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Gameplay

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  • Do I need to eat and drink?
    No, this is not a Diku type mud and you can go on forever without anything to eat or drink. However, eating and drinking will have an effect on how fast you recover after having been wounded. It might also have an effect on your ability to fight...

  • My equipment seems to deteriorate?
    This is true, the more damage your equipment gets from wear and tear the worse it gets at doing what it should do. Your sword gets duller and duller and your armour wears out. You can either seek out someone who is able to repair your equipment - for a price, of course - or you can look for newer and possibly better equipment. It's up to you.

  • What happens to my equipment and inventory when I log out?
    It gets stored together with your character, so that when you log back in again you carry exactly the same objects as when you logged out. Note however, that some special objects may not last very long in this shape and if you don't log in for a while they may break or disappear. Some objects don't like storage at all, and will disappear as soon as you log out. These are few and far between however.

  • How do I see vital information like my Health and my Energy?
    The command sc will show you that. Type score for more verbose information. See also the monitor command if you want to enable your Hit Point Monitor during combat. There are help files for all three commands in the on-line help system.

  • What, no Hit Point numbers?
    No, we feel that our graphical way of showing those numbers is accurate enough.

  • How can I find out what someone just told me or what I just told someone?
    The command ltells, or lt for short will list the 10 last tells you either sent or received. Each one has a timestamp so you can see when it happened.

  • Is deliberately losing your link allowed?
    No, losing your link deliberately is typically just a way of getting out of a tough situation by using means outside the scope of the mud. We have gone as far as to say that people deliberately losing their link while in combat are likely to be punished. Typically people will lose their link just before they're killed, thereby saving a life. This is automatically logged, and now and then we go through these logs looking for likely suspects. If your name shows up more than once, typically when you are low on Health and Energy, we will take action.
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