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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.

* Nanvaent FAQ: Bugs

Please mail all questions to

  • I think I have found a bug, what should I do?
    Bugs are necessarily present in all constantly developing programs, and even Nanvaent is not exempt. If you find a bug, use the bug command to log it - e g, bug it says this door is locked even after I unlock and open it. You can also tell a Creator about it if you feel it is very urgent, or use the HELPLINE channel in real emergencies. A real emergency constitutes you being stuck or unable to perform some vital part of the game. It's much better to use bug than to contact a creator as it allows us to fix things when it's best for us. It's typically much faster for a creator to fix fifty bug reports in one go than to help fifty players one by one. Note that if the bug you find is tied to a specific room, then you need to be standing in that room when you report the bug. Your location is logged along with your message and this makes it much easier for us to locate and fix the problem.

  • What should I do when I spot a typo?
    Typos should be reported using the typo command e g, typo 'flwoer' should be 'flower' in the room descrption here. As with bugs, you should be standing in the room that has the typo when you report it. This allows us to quickly identify the file to fix. Note that this is a british mud, and our descriptions are predominantly british. This means that you should not typo words like 'colour', 'centre', or 'neighbour'.

  • I lost all my equipment due to a bug in the game, what can I do?
    In many cases you cannot do anything, things like this happen occasionally. If you really feel you deserve to get your stuff back then you should speak to a Lord about it. Creators are not allowed to give you equipment, so do not ask them.

    Losing your equipment due to a game crash is an occupational hazard and outside our ability to fix. Therefore you will not get your lost XP or equipment back in those cases. It's considered a good idea to typesave after you pick up some good equipment.

  • Why isn't (Insert something you expect to work) working?
    This happens very often and nearly always it is the player's fault and not a bug. There are a few things you can do before you start shouting for help; this should save you looking stupid when you realise what you have done.

    The classic mistake is when you have made an alias by mistake or forgotten an old alias which conflicts with what you are trying to do. So if you are typing get all from corpses and you are getting a strange response, type alias get, this will tell you whether you have aliased get to something stupid by mistake. A common error may be typing alias get all from corpses.. if you didn't spot the mistake in that then you have probably made it yourself a few times :-) The moral of the story is always check your aliases before asking for help when something strange appears to be happening.

    Nicknames can cause similar problems, see the next question.

    Nanvaent is an ever changing world, things change from day to day, also many things behave in a random manner. So if a monster you kill often suddenly slaughters you don't start complaining about it as it may have been changed, or it may be different every day and you were just lucky on the previous occasions.

    As a last resort report it as a bug, or talk to a creator to try and resolve the problem.

  • Why does it say Fred isn't logged on when he is talking to me?
    There are two possible reasons for this. If the person you are talking about is a Creator they may be hidden. Creators have the ability to hide from players so they can concentrate on coding the game. They can still talk to you, but you cannot reply if you are not on their 'allow list'. See next question.

    The second reason is that you have made a mistake while nicknaming the person. You may have made a nickname called alex for someone called alexander, then a new player called alex starts playing, and when you try to talk to him Nanvaent thinks you are trying to talk to alexander. Another common error is typing the wrong thing when you create the nickname, for example, typing nickname burty b will cause you some problems. You cannot use b or burty now, as b means nothing and burty points to b. The correct usage of the nickname command is nickname b burty.

    So if Nanvaent tells you someone isnt logged on when you try to talk to them, type nickname <the name you tried to talk to> and see if you have made a mistake.

  • What is an allow list? How do I get on one?
    Whereas the immortals tend to hide from the players in order to concentrate on coding and maintenance, they may choose to put you on their so-called allow lists. In effect, this will mean that you will be able to see the creator in question and speak to them when other players can't.

    Every creator has their own allow list, and it's useless to shout things like 'Is Corvin on? Why am I not on your allow list?!?!?' This is a privilege immortals grant to their personal friends and a deal of trust is involved. Don't make a fool of yourself demanding to be loved or trusted - it will not work.

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