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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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* Nanvaent help directory: Changes.1999

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

Changes in 1999 include:

23rd November 1999

    Corpse parts now decay when they are carried around - cash
    those bounty heads in quick ...

14th November 1999

    Added a 'level' command for showing your level.

7th November 1999

    Added the -N and -E flags to tell if you want to turn off/turn on the
    automatic expansion feature.

6th November 1999

    The 'list' and 'browse' commands now use the pager for their
    People leaving the room with followers should now show up in the
    correct colour.

9th October 1999

    The 'commands' and 'verbs' commands have been revamped to be more

8th October 1999

    Whisper now checks if the person you are whispering to isn't ignoring

3rd October 1999

    Layout of Serial Killers in the bounty list changed since the comma
    seperated list is too hard to read easily

18th September 1999
    Changed the interface to the help command so that it should
    be less work to use.

11th September 1999

    Added "chat'" feature where it will display a possessive on a channel

5th September 1999

    Npcs says no longer get stored in your say history

3rd September 1999

    Guilds <guild> now works as it should do

1st September 1999

    Added the following commands:
        lsays, isaid, lsaid, itold, ltold

21st August 1999

    Chronic mad update to the "help changes" file...
    Added a "maxidle" command if you wish to set your idle time to less
    than 15 minutes. See "help maxidle" for more information.

14th August 1999

    Added some checks so that you can deny guests everything now.

12th August 1999

    Should have fixed the problem with fixing prices suddenly inflating.
    Changed bored so that its now alphabetically sorted

26th July 1999

    Serial killer bounties should no longer expire

17th July 1999

    Nanvaent's new web site is up and running, check it out at the usual

15th July 1999

    Elementalists shields have been improved slightly to make them more

14th July 1999

    Mud has been up for over 12 days 15 hours... and still going strong :)

    Slight change made to spells, prayers, rituals etc. If you cast an
    attacking or holding spell, the person you're attacking will immediately
    start fighting back, rather than waiting until you've finished casting
    and hit them.

12th July 1999

    Maximum bounty increased to 100 platinum coins. Enjoy.

17th June 1999:

    The "protect" command has been updated, and now gives a lot more
    information, such as who you are protecting, and who is protecting you.
    It's also available for all guilds, though at least one guild currently
    (monks) will only be able to use it for information and protect removal

    See "help protect" for more information.

1st June 1999

    Lots of stuff has happened...
    Clerics got new titles.
    Athene was wiped out by an act of God, but will return soon...
    Thieves became better at fencing.
    Players can only become addicts by completing the majority of quests.
    Some often-killed NPC's have been altered.

19th April 1999:

    Newbies can now use the "escape" command up until level ten, though the
    range has been drastically reduced to the area around Draemar.

    Monks are in testing. Do not ask if you can join the monks guild please,
    and DO NOT attempt to mug or kill playtesters!

15th April 1999:

    Consent has been changed. Instead of doing "consent raise" you are
    now obliged to do "consent list raise". The (hidden) benefit of
    this is that "consent list french" is also now possible.

3rd April 1999:

    A new command "stats" has been created to help you find out your
    current stats. The existing "score stats" still works.

28th March 1999:

    Only newbies will keep their equipment when they die.

    You only lose 1% of levels (rounded down to 0 in most cases) whether
    you pray or get raised by a cleric.
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