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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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* Nanvaent help directory: Changes.2000

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

New changes in 2000 include:

13th December 2000

    Fixed problems with 'webster' returning erroneous results,
    it should also be faster when several people search for
    the same word all at once.

3rd December 2000

    Added the total login time of all players currently logged on
    to bored.

2nd December 2000

    Death will now sober you up.

26th October 2000

    Fixed a problem with matching objects in the room, rather than
    one being carried.

25th October 2000

    Driver Upgrade for improved stability, more fixes etc.

8th October 2000

    The web page finger command now has a link for searching
    the party pictures

25th September 2000

    Logging in as '*<name>' will not run your login alias, so for
    people using this as a way to prevent them playing - use the
    'addicts bane' instead (or just suicide).

24th September 2000

    'cost <skill> [to <level>]' will now show you the quest
    requirements doing that amount of advancement.
    You will also be shown all the quest requirements, rather than
    just the next one when advancing.

10th September 2000

    Added the polls command for viewing the current web page poll.

5th September 2000

    Follow messages have changed to be more informative.

10th August 2000

    The Drow temple is partially opened for those brave enough to wander
    around the grounds...

30th July 2000

    The amount of HP that a banshee gets has been changed.

23rd July 2000

    Quests are now obligatory for advancement.

8th July 2000

    Some tweaks to armour have taken place. Higher level armours
    will appear better now.

25th June 2000

    Bounty information on whether the crime was theft and/or
    murder has been improved.

5th June 2000

    Banned players no longer show up on the Bounty list.

27th May 2000

    Added a 'PROMPT' colour.

13th May 2000

    The login sequence now notifies you when 'help changes' has
    been updated.
    Added the 'discard' command for getting rid of dead torches.

8th May 2000

    You can no longer refresh in combat.

15th April 2000

    Not gaining a bounty from a one hit kill should be fixed now.

1st April 2000

    Killing xp has been changed again - low level players could
    advance far too quickly. The amounts of xp will be more than
    originally, although less than in the previous change.

25th March 2000

    This isn't a change, but advance warning that some quest point
    requirements will be introduced for advancing.

18th March 2000

    Killing xp has been modified so that you get less xp for
    killing monsters weaker than you and more xp for killing
    monsters tougher than you.
    You get more xp when you kill in groups than previously as well.
    Consider for addicts is a little more accurate

11th March 2000

    Combat system modification has taken place:
    * Spells are more likely to hit than previously
    * 'Natural' armour against magic attacks has improved slightly

    Bank accounts should be deleted when you suicide now.

4th March 2000

    The "helplog" command has been added so that any issues with
    help pages can be reported.

12th February 2000

    A new DEATHS colour is available, and the COMBAT colour is used
    for your weapon attacks now (rather than deaths as it used to be).
    NOTE:  "colours combat none" will turn the combat colour off

1st February 2000

    You can no longer become a Pegasus with the race changing machine.

27th January 2000

    Help now has a summary page - try "help summary" or "help me".

26th January

    Feel free to subscribe to the "TECH" channel.

24th January 2000

    Main guilds can be left if all your skills are under level 10.

15th January 2000

    Added the 'questlog' command so that comments about quests will get fed
    back to the Lords of Quests.

11th January 2000

    The Slann tower suffered major subsidence and fell into the crater.
    Recovery work will get underway once we reach 1 million platinum in the
    "Save Our Tower" fund. All dontations are gratefully received.
6th January 2000

    Foresters herbs can now be eaten using "eat herbs" as well as the
    older style "eat bunch".

    You can no longer log off immediately after combat. A few seconds after
    you've stopped fighting you are still considered in combat. Link loss
    as a way of working around this will not be tolerated.

    The bards song of humour can be performed on players.

    Necromancer minions don't drain as much energy while they aren't busy.

    Enjoy the red death!

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