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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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* Nanvaent help directory: Changes.2001

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

New changes include:

3rd December 2001

    The addict list on the web pages no longer breaks.

6th November 2001

    You can now set whether you allow someone to cast light/darkness
    spells/prayers on you via 'consent person light'.

4th November 2001

    Experience given for completing quests has been increased.

17th September 2001

    BBC channel added to give you the latest headlines as reported
    by the BBC.

6th September 2001

    Potions should no longer change short when you log off/back on.
    Value command has been brought into line with shop prices.

11th August 2001

    Players are now only allowed 2 serial killer characters.
    Any excess serial killers will be deleted at will.

1st August 2001

    Prices have changed (yet again).

25th July 2001

    Traps set by players now only work on players who can be attacked
    by the setter.

23rd June 2001

    Yet more changes to prices.

17th May 2001

    Many guild commands will now not work on hidden players/NPCs.
    Search etc have not been changed.

13th May 2001

    Removed level loss on resurrect.
    Hot coals have been removed.
    [Disclaimer - We reserve the right to add something else nasty instead]

22nd April 2001

    Price changes all over the place

16th April 2001

    Prices for items that you sell and buy in shops will now
    change as time goes on.

15th April 2001

    Shopkeepers are a little fussier about what they buy now,
    particularly if the item is never likely to be sold ...

5th April 2001

    The 'factoid' command has been added - impress your friends with
    the useless facts you know.

3rd March 2001

    Fixed a bug to do with getting round gp regeneration times with

22nd Febuary 2001

    Suiciding will now delete all your mail.

17th Febuary 2001

    The identify command is now available for everything.

13th January 2001

    Changed the information that is displayed in the 'Position'
    field for finger.

Changes from 2000 can be found using 'help changes.2000'

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