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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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New changes include:

2nd December 2006

   Guild Updates, Brought to you today by the letter "C" and the number "5":
        Low level thieves have had gp costs reduced for common commands.
        Level 200 Foresters get a new animal - Anacondas.
        Level 200 Barbs get the GBH command.
        Level 200 Elementals get the "Lightning Storm" spell.
        Level 200 Wolves get "Ancient Spirit Wolf" companion.
        Level 150 Wizards get "Chain Lightning" spell.
        Level 100 Wizards can use the "Arcane Transmutation" spell.
        Level 90 Bards get the "duel" combat mode.
        Level 20 Wizards get "Veil of Midnight Shadows" spell.
        Clerics Eldritch shield upgraded.
        Wizards Invisibility improved.
        Barbarians berserk tweaked/improved.
        Wolves throttle tweaked/improved.
        N'thydarak guild tweaked.
        Many other small tweaks and bug fixes.

21st June 2006

    Dark elves now have the following stat modifiers:
        Strength:     Very Poor
        Wisdom:       Above Average
        Constitution: Very Poor
        Dexterity:    Above Average
        Intelligence: Excellent

15th June 2006

    The Blood God is now recruiting alcolytes. Those interested should
    seek out the temple in Alexandria.

2nd April 2006

    Tell, say and channel histories now respect 'bleep' settings.
    Channel messages by anyone you are ignoring will now also be

22nd Febuary 2006

    The 'bleep' command has been added. This can be used to mask out
    swearwords with ***s on channels, tells, says and shouts.

2nd Febuary 2006

    A new TRADE channel has been added for you to discuss exchanging

15th January 2006

    "commands quests" now shows up commands gained through completing

12th December 2005

    Passed out players will no longer follow anyone.

11th August 2005

    When you die in the underground lake, don't forget to dive to
    retrieve your belongings!

3rd April 2005

    The chistory (or ch) command has been extended to allow
    'ch -<num> <channel>' to display <num> lines of channel history.
    Channel histories have also been increased in size alongside this.

12th November 2004

    Cleric prayers have been changed. This directly affects any Clerics
    between levels 60 and 100.

16th August 2004

    Kill xp when teaming has been re-balanced.

31st May 2004

    Consider has been updated. There are probably still wrinkles that
    will need to be ironed out. Thanks for your patience.

20th March 2004

    Moved over to new machine - game performance increased dramatically.
    Please visit to help cover the costs
    of the improvement!

17th March 2004

    Please read and contribute if you can!

6th March 2004

    The rights help page has been updated a little. 'help rights' to
    read it.

24th January 2004

    'webster' now uses dictionaries supplied by - this should
    give more definitions back.

20th August 2003

    Quest points are no longer required to become or advance as an addict.
    The addict commands 'home' and 'return' are available to anyone over
    level 200.

    Kill xp for teaming has been increased.

5th July 2003

    The quest limits no longer restrict all advancement when you hit the
    quest barriers.

1st June 2003

    The qp values on the hiscore have been bought up to date for those
    players who have not logged in since the qp values have changed.

10th May 2003

    Advancing now warns about upcoming quest requirements.

9th May 2003

    The levels for quest requirements have moved.
    Use 'cost <main skill> to 100' in your guild room to verify.

27th April 2003

    Some quest titles have been changed.

27th March 2003

    A 'war' channel has been added.

10th February 2003

    Drow slavedriver reports that leaving your slaves unattended for
    lengthy amounts of time is no longer advisable

16th January 2003

    Some quests have been removed.
    Thieves can now player kill again.

14th December 2002

    Some quests have had their QP rewards modified. You may notice
    an increase or decrease in your QP.

4th November 2002

    Players logging on from a site recently logged off from will be
    placed into a waiting room temporarily

24th August 2002

    Writing to channels now costs social points.

12th August 2002

    A progressive mayor with new policies has revitalised Grudul into a
    modern day city.

11th May 2002

    Guilds commands can now be used to attack hidden victims.

28th April 2002

    Robes are now treated as though they are cloaks.

15th March 2002

    'commands help' should now contain help for all general/player/guild

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