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commands/information/bored   Nanvaent Player Help

     bored - display a list of people who are idle

     bored <since when>

     Sometimes people manage to find a spot for a nap or a rest, taking the
     chance that they might be caught unawares and bludgeoned to death. To
     extend your senses to find out who is not doing anything right now,
     use "bored". You may decide to look at people that have been idle for
     a specific amount of time - the default is 2 minutes.

     If you are idle for a long period of time, you will be logged out of
     Nanvaent. Having a client to log you back on when you are not really
     paying attention, or having a client perform useless actions to keep
     your character from becoming idle, may result in our crack team of
     immortals visiting you in the dead of night with baseball bats.

     > bored 1
     The following people have been idle for over 1 minute.

     Deth:         2 minutes and 10 seconds
     Tea:          1 minute and 37 seconds
     Usurper:      10 minutes

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