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commands/information/channels  Nanvaent Player Help

     channels - list the channels you can access, earmuff and subscribe to
                a channel

     channels [ all | <channel> ]

     This command allows you to list all the channels that you can listen
     to, all the channels that there are, or to toggle whether you are
     listening to a channel.

     In order to list the channels you are currently listening to, type
     "channels" by itself. To list all the channels that you are able to
     subscribe to if you choose, type "channels all".

     To toggle an individual channel enter "channels" followed by the name
     of the channel.

     Once you have subscribed to a channel you can talk on it by entering
     the name of the channel followed by some text.

     Each channel has a purpose. You have standard channels:

         Channel      Purpose
         -------      -------
         babble       For musing, pose and the like.
         chat         For general conversations.
         emergency    Reporting serious problems that stops you doing
                      anything in Nanvaent.
         newbie       The learning channel. Ask those questions so that
                      experienced players can give you help.
         sports       The proper channel for sports related chat to go on.
         info         Used by Lords to report important changes. You can
                      only read this channel.
         tech         For technical questions, normally about IT and 
                      programming/web but can be any topic. Nan imms
                      are typically professional programmers/IT-people,
                      so chances are you'll get a good answer.
         bbc          News updates based on the BBC Ticker.

      There are also channels for each of the guilds you can join, such as
      wizard, cleric, wolf, etc.

     In this example I'm going to subscribe to the babble channel and then
     talk on it.

     > channels
     You are listening to the following channels:
     CHAT           EMERGENCY        NEWBIE             INFO

     > channels all
     You can listen to the following channels:
     *CHAT       *EMERGENCY   *NEWBIE       BABBLE       SPORTS      INFO

     > channels babble
     BABBLE unmuffed.

     > channels
     You are listening to the following channels:
     BABBLE         CHAT             EMERGENCY          NEWBIE       INFO

     > babble Hello hello hello, I'm babbling
     BABBLE:Usurper: Hello hello hello, I'm babbling

     chistory, communicating, courtesy, cwho, earmuffs, guilds, souls
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