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commands/information/chistory  Nanvaent Player Help

     chistory - list the last 16 messages on a channel

     ch -<number> <channel>
     chistory -<number> <channel>

     List up to 32 messages of the specified channel. You can specify
     the number of messages to list, or if the number is not given,
     16 messages are displayed by default.

     > chistory -8 chat
     History for the [CHAT] channel
     [17:01] Hellwuzzie: thats bad
     [17:01] Fang: is that good or bad?
     [17:02] Hornychick: what level u mandragora
     [17:02] Corto: he teleports a lot
     [17:03] Fang: I know he does
     [17:03] Hornychick: oops sorry should been on fighter
     [17:03] Tpg [A]: thats pnants :)
     [17:04] Greem throws his case in the back of the van and sets off to
                   tell his bed ridden mother that there'll be no food

     channels, communicating, cwho, ltells
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