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commands/information/consider  Nanvaent Player Help

     consider - give rough indication of how hard a monster or player is

     consider { <monster> | <player> | all }

     This command can be used to help you decide whether you would be
     wise to attack a monster or player, or to see how much damage the
     monster or player has taken in a fight.

     The output of the command is a line saying whether the monster is
     weaker or stronger than you - and by approximately how much it is
     weaker or stronger than you, and a line saying what condition the
     monster or player is in.

     The consider command uses a vague and not necessarily very accurate
     method of determining comparative strength.

     > consider fred
     Fred the Barbarian is far tougher than you are.
     You'd be utterly insane to even think about it.

     combat, examine, kill, look
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