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commands/information/contacts  Nanvaent Player Help

     contacts - see which of your friends are logged on

     contacts [ -a <player> | -r <player> | -t | -l | -z] [ -m ]

     Keep in touch with friends without needing to scan through "levels".

     Enter "contacts" to see your full contact list or "contacts -t" to
     just see those people who are currently logged on. To add a new
     contact, enter "contact -a person" and to remove somebody, enter
     "contact -r person". To see which of your contacts aren't logged in, 
     use "contacts -l". Add "-m" if you want the list to pause after each

     If you want to see which contacts have logged on since the last time
     you checked, use "contacts -z". Those contacts will show up in a
     different colour.

     You can "alias" contacts at login time so you are immediately informed
     when you login who is about.

     This command currently does not support nicknames.

     > contacts -a ksl
     Ksl added to your contact list.

     > contacts -t
     Checking contact list.

     > contacts -a burty
     Burty added to your contact list.

     > contacts -t
     Who         Status
     Burty       On for: 8 hours and 38 minutes (Idle: 23m 26s)

     > contacts
     Who         Status
     Burty       On for: 8 hours and 38 minutes (Idle: 23m 26s)
     Ksl         Last on: Tue May 11 14:31:01 1999 (2 days and 3 hours ago)

     > contacts -r burty
     Burty removed from your contact list.

     alias, communicating, levels, nickname
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