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commands/information/faq     Nanvaent Player Help

     faq - interactive Frequently Asked Questions for Nanvaent


     Enter "faq" to be taken into interactive online questions and answers
     for various topics.

     To navigate within "faq", enter in a question number or 'm' to return
     to the main "faq" menu. At any time you can enter 'x' to exit "faq".

     Some of the information in here is pretty old. Make sure you have a
     fresh supply of salt handy...

     Various options have been removed to shorten this example.

     > faq
     Nanvaent Frequently Asked Questions

     Also available at


       1) General Information
       2) MUDs in General
       3) Getting Started
       4) Player Commands
       5) Guilds and Races

     E(x)it, Main (m)enu or choose a Section: 1

     General Information


      1) What is Nanvaent?
      2) Where is Nanvaent?
      3) How long has Nanvaent been around?
      4) Is Nanvaent the best MUD to play?
      5) Where does the name NANVAENT come from?

     E(x)it, Main (m)enu or choose a Section: 5

     Where does the name NANVAENT come from?

     The name is an acronym invented by Anjou a long long time ago. But
     we're not telling you what it means. ;-)

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     Exiting FAQ...

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