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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Information: Mudinfo

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commands/information/mudinfo  Nanvaent Player Help

     mudinfo - Show technical information about an Intermud 3 connected mud

     mudinfo [mudname]

     Nanvaent is connected to a large number of other muds through a
     network called Intermud 3. At the moment this means we can exchange
     "tells" and we can find out things about other muds like who is logged
     on, etc.

     "mudinfo" is used to show various useless information about a
     connected mud such as the type of mud, it's driver, what port imud
     uses to talk etc. Probably the two useful things are the IP address
     and the status.

     Type "mudinfo" by itself to get the information Nanvaent shows to
     other muds.

     > mudinfo earth
     E a r t h
     Type: LPmud
     Address 2222
     Current Mudlib: Earthmud 1.2.3
     Base Mudlib: Tmi-2 0.9
     Driver: MudOS v22.2a.25
     Status:   Up
     Open Status: Mudlib Development
     Admin email:
     TCP Imud port: 2225
     UDP Imud port: 0
     Services available: auth, channel, coffee, emoteto, finger, ftp, http,
     locate, tell, who

     cwho, finger, imudlocate, mudlist, tell
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