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commands/information/mudlist  Nanvaent Player Help

     mudlist - Lists all the currently Intermud 3 connected muds


     Nanvaent is connected to a large number of other muds through a
     network called Intermud 3. At the moment this means we can exchange
     "tells" and we can find out things about other muds like who is logged
     on, etc.

     "mudlist" shows all of the muds that Nanvaent can see.

EXAMPLE (shortened)
     > mudlist

275 matches out of 275 muds. 146 are UP.
Type mudinfo <mudname> for more info on a mud.
Up Mud              Address               Lib             Open Status
U  Acropolis   5555  Lima 1.0a8      game development
U  After The Plague  3000  CoreDump 4.5    Open for public (co
U  Aftermath    1500  Lima 1.0a5      Game Development
U  Alkaria  7000  Lima 1.0a6      mudlib development
U  Apocalipsis II    7878  Lima 1.0a8      game development
U  Arazrose  8844  Tmi-2 1.4       Mudlib Development
U  ArcadiaF   4000  Lima 1.0a8      Building & Coding
U  Ascension   4000  Nightmare IVr5  play balance
U  Aurora     3000  Aurora v0.5.3 ( visit us!
U  Await the Dawn  2051  Lima 1.0a8      game development
U  BRINL     2102  Lima 1.0a8      chat development
[remaining muds removed from this example]

     cwho, finger, imudlocate, mudinfo, tell
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