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The changes page shows the latest modifications to the game.


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commands/information/news    Nanvaent Player Help

     news - display vital information that you should know

     news [ domains | <domain_name> | all ]

     This command shows you the hottest news, this being the same news you
     are shown at login. If you ask for a specific domain name, such as
     guilds, then you will be shown the news for that guild. To see the
     news for all domains, enter "news domains". To see all news, type
     "news all".

     > news
      As always, read 'help cheating' if you haven't already done so.
       The Nanvaent volunteer fire dept has petitioned a new law
       concerning public safety hazards: Under article as
       required by law, there shall be no fires allowed in Nanvaent
       village including safeground areas that are in Nanvaent and all
       outlying communities from this time henceforth.

     > news guilds
     Guilds News

     Spoo has become Lord of Guilds
     The Necromancers guild has been relocated to Valonia temporarily
     The "skills" command had a colour revamp.

     cheating, communicating, website
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