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commands/information/skills  Nanvaent Player Help

     skills - find out how good you are at fighting, magic etc.


     As you advance through Nanvaent and learn new skills, you'll want to
     get an indication of your level of mastery in specific skill types.

     Your effectiveness depends on many things, such as how much you've
     advanced a particular skill, what your current stats are, your race,
     the guild you are in and your age.

     To advance a skill go to your guild room and use "advance". Advancing
     costs experience points. See "help skill_advancement" for details.

     > skills
     fighting ...........    0   useless
     magic ..............    0   useless
     faith ..............    0   useless
     performance ........    0   useless
     other ..............    0   useless

     joining guilds, races, skill advancement, stats
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