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* Nanvaent help directory: Commands: Information: Soul

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commands/information/soul    Nanvaent Player Help

     soul - get useful information about soul commands.

     soul [ list | <race> | race | restricted | <soul> ]

     This command shows you information about soul commands. This includes
     examples of how each soul command will look when you use it and also
     lists of souls in various categories.

     soul:            Displays general help about souls.
     soul list:       Gives a complete list of all souls available.
     soul <race>:     Gives all the souls for one race. For example,
                      "soul ent" shows all souls specifically for ents.
     soul race:       Shows all the souls specifically for each race.
     soul restricted: Show all the restricted souls.
     soul <soul>:     Find out what would happen if you used the soul.

     channels, consent, deny, earmuffs, emote, rsoul, tell
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