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commands/information/who     Nanvaent Player Help

     who - find out who's playing Nanvaent right now

     who [-m]

     Use "who" to get a list of everybody who is currently playing
     Nanvaent. If your terminal doesn't have a scroll-back facility then
     you can enter "who -m" to have the information sent a page at a time.

     The colours mean the following:
            yellow      immortal
            red         guildmaster
            green       addict
            cyan        normal player
            magenta     newbie

     To get colour, you'll need to see the "term" command.

     The general format of a line of information in "who" is
     name, title, last quest completed, current alignment, idle time

     Here is a brief example of a line of information:
         BTW the main man the Brave Hunter, Restorer of Heritage (extremely
         good) (Idle: 1)

     It is made up of the following parts:
         name                   BTW the main man
         title                  the Brave Hunter
         last quest completed   Restorer of Heritage
         current alignment      extremely good
         idle time              1 minute

     Immortals have the ability to change their "who" information, so
     lines in yellow (immortal) colour should be treated with caution.

     People who are logging in are shown as "Oh dear! the Guildless, the
     title-less". When they have completed logging in this will be changed
     to the correct user information.

     This example has been shortened.

     > who
     -------------------==========] Nanvaent [==========------------------
                            Mon Mar  8 05:15:10 1999
     Daskdraug the Novice Fighter, Saviour of Emotions (very good)
     Jarnauga Apprentice from Afar, Stonemason (utter evil) (Idle: 7)
     Kryton of the Lasombra the Excellent Fighter( I'm scared of wuzzie's
                            badge ), Treasured Sailor (neutral)
     Myrrdark Scribe of the Stars, Playground Helper (utter evil)
     Scavenger of the Bord Razor Claws, Pub Crawler (neutral)
     Soltari Is Already Taken the Postulant Monk, Witch's Nightmare (very
     ---------------> There are six mudders in Nanvaent. <----------------

     alignment, bored, communicating, finger, levels, maxidle, term
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