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concepts/addict              Nanvaent Player Help

Legends tell of a mystical club beneath the tower of Nanvaent...

Many of the greatest players who have ever lived have been members at some
point in their lives, and even in these times the club is often full of
players of great renown. Their qualifications are a minimum level of 100 in
their main skill and a master of quests. Their reward, besides the prestige
of membership, is the power to teleport themselves. It is rumoured that
they can also advance their main level beyond the maximum of 100, giving
them an even greater edge over the lesser mortals.

To be an addict is a state of mind. What form that will take is up to each
individual member. They might idle. They might engaged in ever more
ferocious combat. They might become obnoxious cheaters and get deleted. Who
knows. To become a member of the Addicts' Club of Nanvaent is to have
reached the pinnacle of the Nanvaent career as a player. Oh, except for
perhaps being appointed Guildmaster. But then that's another story.

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