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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Cheating

Please email any further questions to You may also wish to have a look at the FAQ.

The following, amongst other things, are considered cheating and/or
punishable behaviour. In no apparent order:

* Racism, abuse or harassment of other people is possibly the worst
  thing you can do. Punishment is swift and harsh.

* Swearing is tolerated. Abusive swearing is not.

* Exploitation of bugs is cheating. So is not reporting bugs that might be
  exploited. If in doubt, ask an immortal.

* The use of multiple player characters is considered cheating. If these
  characters do not, in *ANY WAY* interact, then multiple characters will
  be tolerated. Having two or more characters on at the same time is
  considered cheating.

* Only one player is allowed to use a character. No character sharing,
  whatsoever. This includes giving characters away.

* The use of a client to play Nanvaent while being away from the keyboard
  for prolonged periods of time is considered cheating. We believe it goes
  against the spirit of the game.

* Providing and receiving solutions to quests is cheating. It defeats the
  purpose of the game and makes countless hours of hard work by Creators a
  complete waste of time. Quest hints are tolerated.

* Deliberately losing your connection to Nanvaent while the "quit" command
  doesn't work is considered cheating. Examples include being in combat and
  being unconscious.

* Limited player killing/stealing in the spirit of the game is allowed but
  not encouraged. Action WILL be taken to curb antisocial behaviour.

* Creators or Addicts abusing their positions will be dealt with severely.

* Trial Creators should in no way interact with the game, so don't ask them
  to help you out. Ask a Creator or Lord instead.

* Creators providing players with custom or special skills/commands
  is considered an act of gross misconduct and will be dealt with severely.

* Creators circumventing, or trying to circumvent Nanvaent Security
  will be stomped upon from a great height.

* Creators wasting memory by having huge, stupid and pretty much
  useless shadows or personal items will suffer great wrath.

* Anything else the Gods consider unfair will also be deemed as cheating if
  they so desire. :-)

By order of the Supreme Grand Council of Nanvaent 7745/92 (Under Executive
Order 334/23/92) cheaters are liable for summary zapping. Perhaps
repeatedly, and possibly total erasure.

You have been warned. You will be caught!

     courtesy, harassment, punishment
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