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concepts/death               Nanvaent Player Help

DEATH - "I don't want to achieve immortality through my work,
=====    I want to achieve it through not dying..." [Woody Allen]

If there is one thing that is sure to bring much wailing and gnashing of
teeth in life as well as in MUD, it is death. Fortunately, in Nanvaent at
least, death is both less foreboding and less permanent.

You should come to accept death as a part of life. If you survive for a
long time in Nanvaent without dying you will only arouse suspicion amongst
your fellow players, and you will drive the Creators to dream ever more
fiendish lures by which to prove your mortality...
So don't get too upset if you throw a seven occasionally.

When dead, you will find yourself in a ghostly state (normally beside your
mortal remains). You can "pray" to the gods... you will then be
resurrected, but at a random position in the Nanvaent Village that may be
far from your corpse and your (ex-)worldly goods. Having your corpse looted
is a fact of life, so don't cry too hard. Be wary that after praying you
will be in very bad health, and you should seek the services of a cleric or
rest before adventuring again.

Clerics have the ability to grant lives, but expect to pay through the nose
for them.

There will come a time when you have exhausted all your worldly lives and
you will be permanently dead. At this point you have one option:

From anywhere in Nanvaent, type "refresh me". Your character will be reset,
but you'll keep your aliases, nicknames, bank account and some objects you
may have picked up along the way. Your experience will be reduced to zero
and you become human. Type "escape" to return to the Nanvaent Village.

     combat, marriage, pray, punishment, refresh, suicide
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