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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Harassment

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concepts/harassment          Nanvaent Player Help

As on all other MUDs, we have the occasional harassment problem. There are
probably lots of cases we don't hear about though.

99% of the cases we get are made up of some dim-witted male in his early
teens thinking he's God's gift (as if we'd give something like that
away ;-) to women on the net. Policy here is that we usually don't hang
first time offenders of any kind, as there might be the slim chance that
the person doesn't know that they are actually doing something wrong.

If you are being harassed, or know of someone who is, then start a
harassment log using the command "harass" (see "help harass"). This will
log everything you see and do for the next few minutes to a secure file
that only the management can access. Tell a Lord about the incident and it
will be dealt with swiftly. It's much better to start a harassment log of
this kind than to rely on cutting and pasting into a mail message, since
the harasser may claim he did nothing of the kind. Since the harassment
log is generated on Nanvaent there is no way the harasser can deny the

Remember that you can also block personal messages, souls, and tells from a
person using the "deny" command. Use this while waiting for us to look into
your case. See "help deny" for more information.

                    The Management (Aragorn and Bill)

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