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* Nanvaent help directory: Concepts: Immortals

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concepts/immortals           Nanvaent Player Help

Who wants to live forever? Some people do and they will go to amazing
lengths to become immortal. You won't need to be frozen in ice to help
contribute to Nanvaent (though it helps), but before you apply here is a
little information about how things work.

Nanvaent is divided into domains of which there are two main types. The
first type of domain is a player area domain, where players roam and quests
are created for players to enjoy. The other type of domain is more
administration orientated, such as the guilds domain when develops each of
the guilds that players can join.

For a list of player area domains, go into the Nanvaent Tower and check out
the domain map.

Occasionally you will see a member of the LazyBones domain. This elite
domain is often sought after by Creators, but few Creators are allowed the
opportunity to join!

Trial Creators
When a player is first promoted they become a Trial Creator. This is the
first step as an immortal and allows the Trial Creator to be trained
before being promoted to full Creator status.

Under the new rules, Trial Creators are allowed to play after being
promoted, subject to a few obvious restrictions.

The main immortal work force behind Nanvaent. These are the people who code
new areas, fix bugs and correct typos. These are the people who help when
something is broken, but do not ask for quest information or for help about
the game since they are not allowed to talk about these things.

A Lord usually controls a domain and directs all development of the domain.
Lords have various responsibilities including checking on the quality of
their Creators and being sure that all areas in their domain are in theme
with the rest of Nanvaent.

All Creators and Trial Creators report to at least one Lord.

High-lords are Lords who direct the general flow of Nanvaent. They also
have the responsibility of developing the mudlib that Nanvaent is written

God Plays Nanvaent!
Well to be more precise a number of Gods play Nanvaent, namely:

Bill and Aragorn

These guys are the real power behind the mud, being responsible for the
administration and debugging the mudlib.

They are there to help, but don't BUG them! If you have a problem, ask
a Creator, Lord or a High-lord first.

How do I become a Creator?
So you've decided that you wish to leave your mortal body behind and to
put something back into the game? Great! There are a couple of
prerequisites that you must satisfy before you will be considered for

You must have reached level 90 with at least one of your characters and
have not been in too much trouble, although we can more or less skip
the level requirements if we feel you have skills we need. You need to be 
committed to Nanvaent, and have enough spare time available that you'll be 
able to help do great things. No previous programming experience is required.

Nanvaent needs YOU! Go to the Nanvaent application web page:

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