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concepts/joining_guilds      Nanvaent Player Help

     Guilds exist to add depth to the game. You have the burly, fighter
     type guilds that exist solely so that their members are the best
     people on the entire MUD at going "Ug!". You have the frail wizard
     type guilds who specialise in taking a small amount of magic and
     turning it into the swift demise of an opponent. There are thieves,
     who beg, mug and steal their way to fame, clerics of various religions
     who live their lives for the glory of their God, and bards who learn
     to sing and entertain the other Nanvaent folk for a price.

     Different guilds will teach you to develop different tactics for
     survival in Nanvaent. As you play the game you will gain experience by
     doing quests, killing things and practising spells or commands that
     you have learned. The experience is measured in experience points
     (xp) and this can be exchanged for additional skills when you visit
     your guild.

     Later in life further specialisation might be possible by joining
     subguilds. These special branches of the guilds might follow a
     particular lifestyle (e.g. barbarian) or be open to particular races
     (e.g. wolf pack). There might be other requirements for joining
     subguilds and these can usually be seen from the "info" in the guild
     room. You can also look up the "help" for each individual guild for
     more information, or ask players of the guild.

     You will find that to form a successful party you will need members
     from various guilds. For example a fighter for maintaining weapons and
     armour and splatting little monsters, a wizard who provides the party
     with useful spells, a cleric for healing, and a thief to sneak up on
     aggressive monsters.

     The guilds exist to make Nanvaent more fun. They make your character
     more individual. If you feel your guild is hard done by because
     another is clearly superior, tell your Guildmaster so something can be
     done. Don't just join the better guild. A MUD filled with members of a
     single guild would be a boring place to visit.

     You may leave a guild to join another when your skills are all less
     than level 10. The only exception to this rule is joining a subguild.
     Once you have joined a subguild you are a permanent member of that
     subguild, and you will have to "refresh" to leave it.

     Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Monk, Thief and Wizard.

     Barbarian (fighter), Elemental (wizard), Forester (thief),
     Knight (fighter), Necromancer (wizard), Wolf pack (fighter) and
     N'thydarak (cleric).

     guild info, quests, races, refresh
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