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The Lazybone domain

Nothing lasts forever (err, except, you know, Bill & Aragorn). Sooner 
or later, your average immortal either grows tired of working for Nan, 
or has a change of life situation forcing him to throw in the
towel. When that happens, he's generally removed from all domains
and demoted down to player.

However, if the immortal in question has made a significant addition 
to Nan after his promotion, he will be admitted to the 
Lazybone domain instead of being turned back into a player. This is 
generally done without losing rank, but there may be exceptions depending
on circumstances. I.e. if you just recently made Lord then you're likely
to go back to Creator. Immortals that appear to be leaving for good are 
typically demoted right away, even if they are elegible for Lazybone
membership. Deciding what constitutes a "significant addition" is 
up to the management, and the decision is vaguely final.

A Lazyboned immortal can generally go back into active duty just by
asking an admin to reinstate him, but can not expect to get his old
job back. This because the job has usually been given to someone else
in the mean time, but there may be other reasons. 

So in summary, the Lazybone domain consists of inactive creators that 
have been allowed to kept some or all of their privileges and that
may or may not return to active duty some day.

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